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Jeffrey Epstein, Gillan Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein Rob Myself discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein


You can see in that room that for the first time many of these women who have felt so alone for the first time realized that there were others just like them. There are no audio recordings of the hearing so we can't play you any tape from that day but we had Sean. Tae read her statement to US afterward you on and Jeffrey took me in. They sent me to school. They gave me a job. Flew me around. The world introduced me to a life. I'd only dreamt of and made me feel as though I'd become a part of their family. It took me a long time to come forward too long. Maybe in all that it has taken to bring this man to justice has been robbed his death every day every week. I've spent in the hospital since I've suffered. And he has won every job offer. That's been offered to me and then retracted. Because of my connection to this case I have suffered and he has won every relationship. I've ended because of the views I endured. I have suffered and he has won every woman sitting in this courtroom today. And all the women who have come forward. And whose lives have been affected by Jeffrey Epstein Sick Abuse of young girls. We have all suffered and he is still winning death. I refused to let this man win and death. I couldn't fight back when Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused me. Because I hadn't yet found my voice. Well I found my voice now and while Geoffrey may no longer be here to hear it. I will not stop fighting and I will not be silenced anymore. I needed him to hear the pain. He's cost his death has brought me of that justice. Please don't rob us of that justice again. Unbeknownst to Shanti before she arrived in New York her younger sister Teela Davies had also decided to come. I never been so proud of my sister. And all my life I literally could not believe my eyes when she stood up. I didn't even know she was going to speak any farmer who spoke at Epstein's bail hearing would again address the court when any farmer came to the podium. She used her time speaking in court to talk not about herself but about her older sister. Maria who was not healthy enough to attend. I had the opportunity to speak Jeffrey. Epstein's bail hearing. I am so sorry that others will not have the opportunity to stand before him but I'm here today to speak on behalf of my sister Maria farmer who could not be here. She risked her safety in nineteen ninety-six so many years ago to report them to no avail and it is heartbreaking to her and to me that all this destruction has been wrought since that time. And I think this is really an important signal to send to a message to victims out there. That people will take you seriously that. Even those empower will be held accountable. And then there was Courtney Wild Jeffrey Epstein Rob Myself and all the other victims of our Dan Court to confront him one by one and for that he is a coward. I WANNA think the. Us Attorneys for seeking justices that has been long overdue and most importantly given us the victims our day in court to speak our peace in fine some sort of closure. I feel very angry and sad. That justice has never been served in this case. Thank you an emotional. Hearing ended with the inevitable decision by Judge Berman to officially closed the criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein. That was the final. Hearing in the case of the United States versus Jeffrey Epstein as the prosecutors have made clear it was not the end of their investigation Epstein had been charged with two crimes sex trafficking but also conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and that is what investigators are now examining whether there is a case to be made against any potential co conspirators. As we speak federal prosecutors here are still looking at whether to charge any alleged accomplices. I think the best ending to the situation would be one day I am. I A neighbour yells at me and says Maria. Turn on the television. You're not going to believe it. They've rounded up all the perpetrators and as of now and our sources have indicated to us that Glenn Maxwell is the principal but certainly not the only focus of that investigation until recently the most public allegations against Len. Maxwell came from Virginia Jofre. It's not how Jeffrey died. But it's how he lived and we need to get to the bottom of everybody. Who's involved with that starting with? Gillan Maxwell and going along the lines there As you heard on this podcast in recent months there have been a number of allegations against Glenn. Maxwell that have surfaced in civil lawsuits. There is any farmer who says that at age sixteen was flown from her home in Arizona to Epstein's ranch in New Mexico where she says she was sexually assaulted by Maxwell there's Teela Davies who says that beginning at age seventeen. She was flown around the country and around the world and sexually assaulted by Epstein at his various homes and she says that Epstein usually had his entourage with him which included Maxwell and then there's a very recent lawsuit that was by Jane Doe Against Epsteins Estate and Maxwell. She says that she was recruited as a thirteen year old by Epstein and Maxwell way back in nineteen ninety four She claims it. Epstein repeatedly sexually assaulted her and says that maxwell regularly facilitated the abuse and was on some occasions even present. What had happened in the case of Michael for example? I would really like to see that. She is But she is charged. Ivan Cheese put on trial. But it's likely that any investigation will take time. They WanNa make sure in this situation where there is a great deal of skepticism among the victims about the federal government's role in this that when they do if they do bring charges against anybody else that they don't swing and miss they wanNA take their time and they. WanNa make sure that if they do indict anyone else that it's a rock solid case Glenn. Maxwell has previously denied Virginia Ju- phrase allegations Indep positions calling her a quote absolute liar but its Maxwell faces increased scrutiny and her whereabouts. Remain a mystery. She has responded to any of the lawsuits filed against her. Since Epstein's arrest we've also attempted to contact her for common but those attempts have been unsuccessful. There are two other people. We've told you a lot about in this podcast. Who have been in the headlines as the scrutiny of their association with Jeffrey Epstein has intensified. One is Les Wexner. The eighty two year old founder of L. Brands who announced this month that he's stepping down as CEO of the company. After fifty seven years at the helm the announcement also came as L. Brand says it sold its majority. Share of Victoria's secret to a private equity firm and then there is Prince Andrew who prosecutors in New York said just weeks ago. They've tried to speak with but has been uncooperative. Despite the fact that he previously said he'd be willing to sit down with them and today Buckingham Palace has declined to comment as epsteins victims. The end of the criminal case against Epstein doesn't mean the end.

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Jeffrey Epstein, Gillan Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein Rob Myself discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

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