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F. M. Fox News. I'm him who? So it's all about the fax House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin, a majority of senators have voted that the impeachment effort against former president Trump is constitutional. Democrats say he incited the riot at the Capitol President Trump No longer is in office. The object of the constitution has been achieved. He was removed by the voters. Defense attorney Bruce Castor argued. The impeachment of a private citizen is unconstitutional. He has a history with law enforcement, the suspect accused of shooting up a health clinic in Minnesota. This woman was in the parking lot. Two of the nurses came running out to my vehicle and got in. They said they heard but 11 shots within a minute. Police say five people were hurt. America's listening to Fox News. It's time for this American voice with their own brought to you by H on service. Now, here's their own. Just a short two weeks Starting at the beginning of March, 2020 we saw all things American stripped away, methodically shredded Excuse for this was a virus that must be contained such that all business and commerce. All socialization must be stopped for two months at least and then restarted. Gradually. It all sounded good at first, but it doesn't. Now this Chinese death virus is a freedom killing virus of the highest order, governors all across the country bought into it, crafting blood. Instrument heavy handed, top down executive orders that at the end of the day, got our American economy and say Very few lives in our American economy is our way of American life. Top to bottom. If it's gone, America is gone. They're killing the patient with the cure. The real nightmare of it all. Is that come any fall or spring flu season? They now have an institutionalized fascist dictator plan with which to crush us all again at will. We've never in our nation's history seems such a raw anti constitutional power grab by a handful of not that smart petty bureaucrats. I don't know how we were. Right. These would be dictators, but I do know that we must get rid of them and their anti American plan and fast in each.

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