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Just into the newsroom 484 new corona virus cases and 22 new deaths this morning in Arizona. This comes after more than 9600 new PCR tests were reported overnight. We're gonna bring you more on these breaking numbers coming up in 8 30 on Jr but for breaking news sent straight to your phone text news 2411923. Thank you, Taylor. Of course, we will have more on this on the numbers. 22 deaths. There were zero yesterday. Always sad to see the deaths as they they increase. But the numbers remain low. The positive percentage rate we've watched that we watched climb, since the beginning of testing has now dropped below 12% officially to 11.95% test positive rate with 9600 tests in that is really good news. We continue to watch the numbers fall down to that 5% rate has been fairly consistent with a couple of days of spike. Normally when the tests are lower when there's a lot less test 484 new cases so keeping on track it's gonna lead us into our next topic in a few moments, because when talking about Cove in 19 in the opening of schools a s U has got a difficult time. So what you Arizona? Anyway, you the university's air deal with a lot more moving parts than our school's K through 12. And a issue you had Dr Michael Crowe. Snitch on Ah, bunch of the bars along mill. This is something that's going to take a coordinated effort is all of us know. And from the beginning of this, I have talked about the mandates and how the mandates are are really making people angry. When you give people the right information. People largely do the right things. When you try to force somebody's hand, you're going to get pushed back. We have turned the mask conversation into a political conversation, which it should not have been. I try to stay one step back. I want to be a good example I wanted. You know, I'm really more of it than it sounds like on the air. Sometimes I am more of a go along and get along person. That I understand going into a business that a business owner, the last thing they want to have to do is upset a customer of potential customer. Well, CSU. They've got rules for the student body, which they can enforce inside the dorm buildings. And inside the classrooms. What do you do about off campus housing? What do you do about the businesses that serve that student body when you've got a bunch of kids that are not in any danger, really? The numbers. You can say what you want about. We're looking to save lives, and this is deadly. And And so here's how the conversation spins with the people that don't want to look at the numbers accurately. Young people are not at risk off serious illness or death in large numbers. The numbers play out just like that, the small, very low percentage of hospitalization. For kids under the age of 20, especially but for people under the age of 25 those air college students are they getting the virus? Yes. Are they spreading the virus? Of course they are. Are they going to the hospital in great numbers? No, they're not. Are they dying in large numbers? No, No, they're not. The numbers don't play out that way. So then, once you say that to someone, and they have to look at the numbers and realize the vast majority of deaths are people over the age of 55, but especially over the age of 70 years old. Over 90% of those have co morbidity ease. Then the Tropic shifts from well, asymptomatic spread. Some of them don't even know they have it, so we're going to shut down an entire economy and an entire school system. For people that aren't even going to get sick. If they have the virus could spread it to people that are at high risk. Yes, they could, which is where the people that are at high risk should be protecting themselves. From the beginning of this, we had to do some things to flatten the curve. We didn't know a whole lot about this virus. They learn more every single day. The experts are out there talking about what's happening and what needs to be done. But we turn the expertise in the politics as well. Everybody out there you pick who you like based on what they say today when Fauci says, something that makes the right angry they can't stand. Fauci when vouching backs up the president about a vaccine all of a sudden found she's an expert again and vice versa. And what we're watching happen today as she was a lot of moving parts. But what Dr Crowe has done is come up with a comprehensive plan and same thing with U of A or U Arizona. Same thing. They did the same thing. They came up with a plan they haven't under 5% spread at down in Tucson. That's that is a great that better numbers that we're seeing in some of the cities. And yet they have a lot of moving parts. They cannot control these students. So in Dr Crowe reached out to Dr Cara Christen the Arizona Department health Services and said, Here are some pictures. Here's this place this place this place in this place. Nobody's masking up. Nobody's distancing. This doesn't look safe. It is a shot across the bow, saying We're doing everything we can to get back to some sense of normalcy. You serve this community and now you're doing this as a disservice to the community. I had no problem and I'm not somebody that I don't like the the tip line. I don't like ratting on your neighbour. I don't like any of that. But if there's one person with a vested interest in keeping these numbers low It's Dr Crowe. And all the universities, but especially when they came up with the plan, and they were first people were criticizing. You have still have people in the student body that were saying we got to shut it down right now. Well, those students could do the online learning. This is the mantra. I don't understand. I don't.

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