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Twenty fifth goes to a brother by the name of Roussin l Wilson now Rashawn is thirty five years old. And he's a path that southside Baptist church in my birthplace of Charleston, South Carolina drop when ACLU's bombs for eight four three deputy the hallway. Lopez. I really do. I love people who have committed their lives to the Lord and who have devoted themselves to spreading the gospel path can get you closer to the healing hands of God Jesus. See hands a very important. Okay. God's hands are always on us. We take for granted. You know, hands, you know, think about on a wedding day when a father takes hold of his daughter's hand in passes it to the minister in ministers hand represents God's hand. And then minister takes woman's hand enjoys aware husband is symbolizes giving her to God in God giving her to her husband. Okay. You take somebody's hand in marriage. And you ask that God keeps his or her hands on your union. Okay. The hand to hand just used in the physical sense. We use handed metaphor for action care and possession. Okay. God uses hands. Think about all the times in the bible. We read of Jesus healing through laying his hands on people case sick people even just touching him with his hands. Okay. Mark chapter six birth. Five of Mark chapter eight births Twenty-three if you want to look up some some good healing hand scriptures. Jesus put his hands on people to bless them. Jesus told his disciples that their hand be used to heal. The sick people were healed through the lane. Laying on their hands. Okay. Others got them hands put on him and got filled with the Holy Spirit or receive gifts through the laying of the hands. Tori, lanes hairline was restored because of Jesus's healing hand. Listen to me, listen to me. Okay. I'm sure pastor Rashawn l Wilson. No the power of God hands all too, well, but God's hands on guy nothing to do with. What pastor Rashawn L Wilson's hands? Did. Okay. So you were Sean Wilson used his hands for the absolute wrong thing. All right. We always have a choice. Either submit to the God, and you are the devil in you pather Assad decided to hand his free will over to Satan, go to W C SETV for the report police Charleston, pasture arrested after police say he strangled a woman pregnant with his own child. At a downtown church. Pastor Rashawn Lamar Wilson was charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. He was given a twenty thousand dollars bond issued a no contact order with the victim and has been told he cannot leave. The state court documents say the victim went to drop off their children to Wilson on Monday night at southside Baptist church on St. when the two got into an argument the documents say Wilson squeezed the woman's neck until she was unconscious fell. Well to the ground and hit her head researcher on past the scrambled a woman on church grounds, his pregnant baby mother crazy. Then the church and on the football field. We call this illegal use of the Hanes. Okay. Collages. Three nineteen says, husbands, love, your wives. And do not be hoisted him. I don't know why I'm telling you the scripture Rashad because I'm sure you know, it, but I don't know why I'm telling you this because his news reports said that you choke out the pregnant mother you two biological children the past the guy baby, mama. But who am I to judge? Okay. All I know this week southside Baptist and Charleston. The collection plate is going around. At least four times, you'll.

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