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Like normal and i don't know i still don't know did she actually like did she think she said in her head and not realize she said aloud i. I suspect that maybe happened or is this her move and she does this to other male patients and is it's. Maybe worked out for her in the past fuck. It's wanting to anyway away. So where is the place. My theory was my theory was like wider imagined it and he leans in for a kiss cast and she's like what are you doing. That's very like <hes> it was weird so anyway so you probably saw your your lifeless eyes and thought you were like a sex doll lay sick for a sex. That's that is that's. That's that's crazy. I was very weird so okay so wait. We get an ice staff because because <hes> because <hes> we talked about using his glasses glasses. We talked about this before i was to all of us glasses boy kevin's got context. Now you do not have is corrected themselves because i'm a superior. I think you just just like you. Were just squinting to see and then you're is just locked in place like i'm sitting on the podcast before that that they they thought that and i had issues they thought that i was they thought that i was slow raised through because i was reading i couldn't read i i was holding the book really close to my face and i couldn't couldn't read yeah and then and they were gonna put me in classes. They were gonna put me in kind of like the. I don't know what the name of special needs classroom glasses. This is basically and and then one of the teachers like you should go get his eyes examined and my mama's like okay and then 'cause like i was kindergarten thing and then i had like in extreme lazy. I and i had to wear a patch an eye patch for full year. <hes> i feel like i pat for full year like almost almost most blind in one eye and they thought i was going to lose sight in the i i've had for year and then extremely thick glasses and then the doctor's like his is going to correct themselves. The doctor said this correct correct themselves but then they're gonna go the other way at one point <hes> so i'm going to start like going blind at one point in my blind blind just like your is. We're going to get really. I think give me get week have terrible vision. That happens naturally like they medically. They assume they think the laziness migrated from your eye to your brain. Ha it's spreading. I have a piece of shit. When i was in high school. I went to my class counselor. Take the <hes> you. I don't know if you guys had this big volunteer to help. The special needs classes. You could take like a special education asian like art or special ed gym class unlike or bowling and do different activities with them and i asked my counselor if i could like take those volunteer in those classes and she was like oh sweetie. You need to have a disability to be in those classes. She thought you were asking to me them. It's weird. I was like no. No i wanna buy yes people are so and then she was like let me help further your education. So many adults in positions of power are just fucking hits yeah just like and you don't really later like oh that teacher i had was like a fucking dip shit fuck they were talking about. They're just like a dumb. Alma dolt who like that was the job they got and then they just like stayed there because it could be that stool inertia. Oh like my podcast boss. There like fucking stupid that is that's that's teachers like sleeping in like put on movies and would like sleep in class..

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