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So stop by and the white hair old applies Doctor probably be sitting in a recliner chair right there on the showroom floor. So stop by, Say hello. Our phone number to call with your appliance question is 808 590957 That's exactly what this guy did. He's our listener from wind out with a question regarding his dishwasher. This is Robert. Good morning, Robert. Thanks for calling And how may we help you? Hey, Joe. Glad to talk to you, monsieur. The home and garden show up on No by this year, but I caught you a couple of years ago. And it was the highlight of the show. Thank you. I got Aah about 45 year Kenmore elite dishwasher and the top top rack in rails and rollers. It's just all buggered up, and I've tried to ban dated to keep it going. I'm curious with the four or five year old machine isn't worth fixing. And I'm assuming once pulled out, the soundproof insulation pulled out the passengers will be there and it may be doable for me. What do you think? I don't know. Ah, you know the life span of that dishwasher. Is in the range of 10 years. And you gotta watch how much money is involved in the repaired because once you spend a few 100 bucks and you're kind of committed And then if you're not lucky, your unfortunate and something fails. That's more expensive than that. You start kicking yourself with your left heel. You can only kick yourself one place with your left heel. So you got you got to be careful What you spend that much. But isn't it amazing that you know the quality of the rollers and things like that? Ah, it's not what it should be. Yeah, it might have been some heavy head and mess and ah, lean into it now and again, But it looks pretty chintzy. When I got down to trying to repair it was pretty sad. Yes, yes, but Brandon. That's a decision for you to make by the way and I am a Bosch dishwasher. I think Bosch makes and has been for The last 30 40 years made the best dish washer made in the industry, and it's one that so quiet. You can hear it. That's number one, and my wife just loves that factor. But also the quality of the product is Much superior to most others. Going down my checklist. I got you. I got you down for in Boston. Watery or G fridge guy in your speed queen washing machine guy you've got you've been listening well. I love your show every week and I wake up with a debt for my morning bike. Right? Thanks for what you do. True treasure. Thank you very much for the kind words. Take care, Robert. You have a great day. Thanks. I'm going to head off to Ontario now or maybe down to Ontario. It's off highway for a one with a question about his washing machine. This is Alan, a 10 year old man. Machine stopped, Uh, a spinning. I think you have somebody maybe months ago had the same problem. I was going to tear into Uh, die on job, but a gold local appliance guy, actually much machine from He doesn't sell fries a morning sex.

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