Special Assignment, Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on Arizona's Morning News


The forecast for today a high temperature reaching 79 degrees at his back up above average partly cloudy skies tomorrow and a high all the way to eighty three degrees from the twelve news forecast center i'm james can you illness for ktar news had ainhoa three it's fifty four degrees in gilbert a chase a carjacking dangerous speeds family four people in handcuffs the to our pursuit started yesterday afternoon near 24 sri demand buren after police spotted a car stolen a couple of weeks ago and an armed robbery and initiated a traffic stop he continued to flee so we set it up for the safety of the community as a technical surveillance which involves our aircraft are surveillance plane and are a special assignment unit officers its place committed tom van doren says one suspect bill dowden in avondale neighborhood than the driver carjacked of pick up near hundreds of avenue and i 10 leaving the two other suspects behind the chase continued into phoenix with a truck speeding running lights dodging pedestrians finally stopped near 19th avenue and dunlap guy ran into an apartment where he was arrested another member of the trump administration is calling it quits economic adviser gary cohn is the latest key stafford to announce an exit after clashing with trump over trade policy one potential candidate to replace cone is on the fringe in will inflict tremendous damage on our country standing as a global leader those words from president of the arizona chamber of commerce glenn hammer about peter navarro navarro's one of president's advisers and behind the proposed tariffs of aluminum and steel imports peter navarro is earthquake who should be nowhere nearer eddie toward a thief position that could influence uh the the country's direction and trade policy hammer says the president could ignite a trade war if he moves forward with the tariff plan and arizona democrat taking aim at drug cartels congresswoman kerstin cinema arbil cracks down on the drug cartels and other international crime syndicates that threaten arizona families and our quality of life by hitting them where it hurts their bank account cinema says criminal organizations like this in the lower cartel threaten public safety and traffic and people drugs and weapons israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington meeting with top lawmakers after talking with the.

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