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To Sean Hannity Show. Thanks for being with us, 809 41, Sean, You want to be a part of the program. So, um, I have been saying, and I stand by my comments that Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house in name Only. It is really the squad that is running the show. You know, I love how AOC now thinks she's gonna. She's calling for Stephen Breyer to step down from the Supreme Court because he's 82 years old. Sounds like she's discriminating against old people or older people. That would be his decision. Um Cossio Cortez, slamming the the mild, tiny little teeny weeny weeny little brush back. Against Congresswoman Omar. Uh, we have been through this left and right, you know, it's even Hamas announced on Mars remarks equating Palestinian a risk resistance to crimes of the U. S. And Israel. Ronald McDaniel is the GOP chair, and she Slammed Omar as anti Semitic. Omar saying, of course that like Hamas America, like Hamas and the Taliban. America has committed unthinkable atrocities. Omar Retweets, a video by an anti Israeli group being investigated by the FBI for possible terrorism ties, Pelosi, Omar is a valued member of the Democratic Our caucus. We did not rebuke her after pressure to stop the virulent anti Semitism anyway, with all of that said, and all that's been going on. It is now absolutely clear that Nancy Pelosi has no control over the radicals that now run that party and she fears just like Biden fears just like Schumer fears all things Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez and the squad. I mean, if you don't believe me, let's listen to Nancy Pelosi's, You know, back and forth and madness and ups and downs and insanity here. I say the candidates do whatever you have to do just when Davey we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it had ever had this experience before, But I was just crowded into my chair and I was like, what is Thank you. And then I realized the sitting on the chair with me was Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth..

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