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My bike. She cookie fun Nipah plight of noon, I with Milan. Minore god. Six. All in the shows. Road your preteen Louis the mill of node in the movement. Move. He tonight, not more. Milovan who morning? Everybody is TJ MVP. Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we oughta breakfast club. Now earlier Darren get it off your chest. This young man called his name is Patrick. He was mad at his girlfriend, and he's on the line needed some help patch. Their next plane was going on. Where? Pressure thing. A sunny here too. But you know, I hear y'all. Talk about mental health awareness, a black man, I believe in our. Fully. So we've been having. Was stall council. Council life. The huge argument collaborate and that led me to come home to empty house last night commission. I worked two jobs. I get up every morning at two-thirty leave my house at three no back at seven thirty. Take my daughter to school. Okay. Back until eight at night. I have two kids outside of our relationship as she was helping take care of it. Just. Because now of win my ear while I was at work. Wait. You guys have a one-year-old most. It'd be one. He they have postpartum depression. Trying to offer some type of. You know, what she'd literally start screaming, I don't need. No. X y z, but it's like they don't come to the point where. It's pretty much worse at now. We'll get your text messages though. Change. Accent Hilo we need to get some help. All. Was you know, like it leave? Plus you live with me. So. Trying to talk to her. I literally could not get one word out to the play. Anybody ask close to her besides you they can speak to a family member semi related..

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