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She wrote twenty four hours ago and he has been drunk for. So much of that. Time woke woke up. The next morning. Got on a plane to go that concert then flew or it's just like it makes no sense when they could've done this. Let's cut out is that the band is watching the movie while you <hes> ah it's sometimes yeah they sometimes switch perspective to see the band going linka. We probably should learn that doing that sort of funky scarecrow the jimmy fair these very predictable chord changes so they might have just been like a now back to the one to the five three minor. The violent is just like. I'm taking a shot and just came in early. Ah i do like the idea of a meal in it because bradley cooper john the entire flight and they're like what the fuck are you doing just the song i it sounds like arianna. Guerande bomb bomb bomb started back. Was everyone involved going like we're going to change the hardcore it was there somebody who kept going like like bringing up to bradley like and then we'll we'll be hardcore before we actually recorded. Oh yeah we're gonna take cadets there. Filming the guys extending in video village fucking are doing hardcore like we can't. It's like a just got law. Yeah i like to imagine the truly just like bradley cooper's just like all recorded drivers and then you guys can do some punch-ups on it and and they got the version they sent them and they assume like oh. This is the one he wants to do so they were just like okay. I don't realize how clever this line is actually hard twice. In the same sentence there is like no no one wanted the the guy from the hold steady craig finn ride. His first band was lifter puller. Maybe and he had a lyric that was like we had a of hardcore friend named cory. We call them hardcore. I'd like some lear that bev later people were like this guy's lyrics. I like studying. It's sort of like you never could get over like you. Did this like you said hard cory very hard so that's like where jackson maine is at taksin. He's he's just kidding. I don't know how does end with a rip which i'm fine spoiling because movies been out for a while and it's also over fifty years old older stories speaking of rips ready. Oh this next oh yeah wow great well. The production on this is <music> would not well whoa oh my god. I shall how how schaja hollow shallow allow allow. There's a part where it's clear that gaga start doing shabalin brothers shah. There's low shallow shall how shall hallo shallow hal shallow hal. Yes shallow hallo yeah..

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