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To park the airplanes. Great to be honest. I mean, if it's not working, then our work. Yeah. That's crazy. I didn't know that. I think it's a measure that we need to take in order to make sure that no other plane accidents happen still her south west flight to Sacramento was canceled today what they tell you. They said it was weather related southwest crowded thirty four planes American polled twenty four out of service United fourteen yet. Some people on social media ripped the airlines for failing to take action sooner at LAX. John Baird KNX ten seventy NewsRadio officials valley act say they had seven scheduled flights involving the max and pasture Spanish define spots of the planes. One max aircraft grounded in Hollywood Burbank airport. A brief court appearance for one of the high profile defendants in the college admissions bribery case laureate Lachlan spent less than ten minutes in the courtroom for her arraignment on conspiracy to commit mail fraud and other charges the arraignment hearing went quickly until questions came up about Lori Lachlan's Kirk work status for attorneys telling magistrate Stephen Kim. She has projects underway in British Columbia through may and a series set for filming in July. An arrangement was worked out whereby Lachlan will post a million dollar appearance bonds secured with a home owned with her husband most Shimoji newly she'll keep her passport to enable her to travel to Canada for film work. She will have to surrender it by the end of the year, her next appearance on the case will be at the federal courthouse in Boston on March twenty ninth along with the vast majority of the fifty people named in the federal criminal complaint at the ROY ball, federal building, Demetrio KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. This scandal is shining a new light on the corruption of college athletics. But for some who follow it closely. This really is uncharted territory or people like Michael sokoll off author of the last temptation of Rick Pitino a story of corruption. Scandal in the big business of college basketball, this scandal takes things to a whole new level. You don't have to say that I've written about college sports for many years now and I'm not easily shocked. I found this shocking. Sokolov cites this example, apparently want someone games admission at a big university onto the water polo team. Nobody ever turns around and says, hey, Suzy actually playing water polo. You know, that's also a little bit of a surprise to me about how lax the oversight of this was among those arrested in this major scandal at least four people at UCF, Lennox Chris, Edens, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio czar confrontation outside of Fairfax district. Synagogue stream live online leads to lawsuit security guard for the temple shot and wounded a YouTube personality, so a Perez who says she is a first amendment auditor. Me. Now, prosecutors say they will not file charges against the guard because he acted in self defense Peres lawsuit against the guard and the synagogue six five still got problems air. We'll check it out for you. We'll check traffic in four minutes at four fifty. Of course, I love Saint Patrick's Day. I look great in green your top.

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