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Living off student loans, and whatever Nick is was giving me. But during that time, I will say the men who looked out, and I I won't call them my sugar daddies 'cause they listen to the show. But I they're my friends. They looked out for me and a lot of ways. But it's also because they saw me working towards something. And I'm not gonna lie. A lot of them felt like they were. I don't wanna say captain save a hose, but they love to know that they were the reason why I was able to do anything. They do find some gratification gratification in that, you know, like, you know, she can fuck in. Now, she got a computer. Yes. Because you got a lot of these young girls in their life is could be turbulent lack of lack of money. You know, absolutely. I wanna get into that with the age and the ideal sugar baby looking for a minute. But before we do that every week. We do a kink where we talk about para Phileas and what they mean. So I found one called psycho failure and it's Safeco field. Yaks have fantasies of watching people freeze like freeze in cold or freezes in everything that you still think. Freeze. Okay. Talking about like freeze like literally like, did you look into this need to know? I looked at like shivering, it's like girls that are like shaking like icicles dripping from people, and I think dripping from people you day, but in then like, oh, what if it like, you know, because I always try to each that we do and try to take it to little normal of a place something we've done using Iceland night. No, that's not to say. You can't use the ice as liking people who free. Okay. It's definitely not liking people who freeze. But I wonder if that's more of like, a big coal, no status thing. Like, oh, you're gonna get cold porn like, bro. Yes. Like walking in the snow snow form. Oh, have you. I wanna ask you this question. You're man, if you were to be in the snow or I mean, even say maybe fucking and super cold water. Don't you dickering? It don't shrink in the call waiting cry is shrinks in the cold. But like if you haven't erection is different because like the blood rushes getting your skin is shriveling. Oh, so you have a hard dick in in the cold. I oh. The Kreil was a call therapy out. There me what is this? So you get the tube and like below nine nitrogen, I do cry facials once a week is really good. I won't have to wants to win calm. But like, you know, it like makes your skin glowing. So go Alex read the gym. He's gonna I and he's looking down. Right. And you can only see it from the neck. He's like bra. My dick is like going in my body. Trevon? And then he's asking the nigga who's laughing. This is having everybody everybody, and I'm like, yeah. Oh, everybody in the fucking. Jim was talking about that like all of your skin'll everything just out of your dick like high. It's like a turtle goes back in. Well, maybe it's uncircumcised, right? Circumcised dicks. Level of cold unnatural typical crowd there Beagles like two hundred four orange. You gotta try it. It's really good for like if your muscles. Doesn't sound interesting to me, I don't know trying to give me to do shit. I'm just not interested in doing it. All I mean, any no athlete. I make them warm. Hey. Sugaring? I want to give you the floor mister big Jim and tell us how you started how long ago you started. All right. So I would be. A myself in the level were, you know, really focusing on light other things trying to come in. And I wouldn't have the time to wear with all to devote attention to a relationship. Attention. It deserves relationship for real. But at the same time. Here's the thing. Still want some pussy, right? So how did cost at the middle range? I thirty thirty five thirty five thirty eight. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So you're thirty eight because a lot of times when women think of sugar daddies, we think of seventy year old maid year old white men who are just about to die..

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