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So I think at this point gotta guard Gotta defend. Okay? That was gonna be my question. God, is there a weakness at all on this matter? Oh, yeah. That's a massive all this. Ah, whole side of the court that they've got to say, Hey, way can't just go out there and say we're now score everybody. That just can't be the setup here. You watch the team and you see the ability. Put the ball in the basket. I'll find that. But then you do say you trust them. Luca Darkish was asked genuinely sad when the metrics lost in the bubble, but I loved watching him so much it Z. You hear the guys on his show? Talk about Keyshawn J will and Zubin and Jay will beat the drums loud has anybody I'm right there, picking up the slack while he's Off right now is you have to watch him play. Like If you're telling me there's one guy in the MBA, you can watch right now. Who's that guy? Who's the one person you want to turn on the TV and watch Yates is a bit I would. I don't know that I would pick Luka. If that's where you're wanting to direct. It is if there's one guy in the league, you can watch right now. You know if I'm allowed to do this, but we're just filling. It Can't really fire us. Yeah. What are they gonna do? Alan Yates, Who's the one guy in the MBA? You watch. He's on the board here on the show, and Keyshawn J. J will ensue. But who's the one playing the MBA? Look if fate not going like this, But I wanna watch James Harden play no matter what, but if it's not hard, I need to watch Lucas. He's different. He's special, different. Yates is is dialed into the MBA. Is anybody he's different. James Harden is fair. I just don't love the ball dominance. I think it brings people down. I think, Luke his ability to make everybody around him elevated is the separator. Yeah, I love Lucas game. I love toe. I love watching local play. But if you're gonna ask me who's one player You tune into the end before that wouldn't be my first groceries. How we were brought. That's I mean, that's that. Isn't that the obvious? It's not obvious one. But it's probably the front runner. 18. Seasons of proof is in the pudding. Nobody's gonna be mad at you for picking LeBron. Are you kidding me? I just What Luca brings I watch him. I go. Wow, That guy is like My saying his magic Johnson Magic Johnson's on My Mount Rushmore best players ever. Luke has got a long way to go. But when I watched magic in the time that I was able to watch magic, I was like, Wow, You don't know what he's gonna do. You don't know how he's gonna do it, But you know, the four other guys on the floor are better off. Magic is the guy distributing that thing, facilitating it in scoring at what he has to, and that's what Luca breaks okay that Zehr some big shoes that you just put him in. But that's that didn't call him the next day job. But that isn't extremely Well given compliment, and I'm not mad at you. Yates for picking James Harden. You wanna watch him starting? You can't I just think he's a baby. Okay? Did you think What do you do? You just think he's a little bit of a baby. We were talking about the Celtics and Jason Tatum. Jason Tatum wasn't his own during the game winner last night. Getting the zone is brought to you by auto zone. Get in the zone. AutoZone. So the four.

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