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Seemingly making strides in in the SEC has a bunch of losses. AM lost three games Kentucky. I know what's in the east. And obviously, Alabama's the west. But Kentucky, we listen. The great story. We love Benny smell be sent this Kentucky gear is game is the conference is it sustainable. That's one of the Florida Gators. All right. They're five and three and they're coming. But did they do the score enough points? Probably not yet LSU back to the west. They're five and three they lost three times the BULLDOGS, they're not ready. Mississippi state. They lost four times at all burns. Invest. With a losing record in in the in the conference here. So specific to next season. My hands were beat. No. But yes, I, but but you have to look at this as well. If if Jalen plays quarterback, and let's say to a really cannot play while Oklahoma has a huge advantage based on two or does play. Yup. The will. Briand out more drives they will have time of possession because they won't have that seventy or bomb that quick replaced right through which keeps the Oklahoma offense off the field, which could mitigate some of their offensive flow, and maybe take away some of the perceived advantage. They would have without too. But I hear you it along with the way inbound, thanks for bearing through bear with me on that in. All yahoo. Zach head coach more he's great not pleased with the NC double A who is Mark average latest comments over the corruption investigation at their Everett set, the investigation would not be completed anytime soon and punishments wouldn't be handed out until after the season always dragging their feet, the have in response few told Yahoo sports, quote, I don't think this is something the NCWA needs to take the time on they need to make a decision and roll with it and quoth Ambert needs to step up and be a leader apart me, this is still part of the quote Ambert needs to step up and be a leader and makes them quicker decision. And quote, more fused comments regarding emerets leadership or in. Or I think this is inbound for BT not to take it overly harsh shot. Mark Imran Ahmed of axes, really nice, man. But I think the NCWA has has historically been so slow adjudicating issues. Oh, when programs make missteps the perfect example is these cells football squad university of Miami alla alla, I'm not going to champion here. But Al golden basically had his hands tied behind his back. Because of the investigation was hanging over the university of Miami's football program. So he couldn't recruit like why are you thinking of fall into the doldrums does a disservice to the program when you when you leave the question Mark out there because it becomes fodder for other coaches you have to use against them. So absolutely about they've got to find a way to to move quicker to get these things for saw. This is easy. I mean, I don't understand that way multi billion dollar business with every imaginable. Tool at their disposal. How they just continued to drag their feet, and they just don't come to conclusions quickly to mazing. You know, I think that if it was Duke, and it was coach K, I would think that they would have pretty swift resolution here. Yeah. Think they're incredibly selective of what they do how they pursue things. The speed and the bigger in which they pursue them. There is no nuance..

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