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It feels so good reunited and it feels so good is back that we have you on the air the last two weekends, But it was per phone call just to kind of get an update on how you were doing with the whole covert thing. But you're back. We're actually back together. I can see you. I know it's weird to be here, but I'm so glad to see you and Emily and for you guys to know that I'm clear. I'm good to go. I'm here. I'm probably the safest person you can be around right now. Because because you know, I'm over it, and I'm gonna get my antibody test for covert this week. And so but, yeah, No, I'm good to go, the Franklin County Public Health Department said on August 29th. They said, You're ready to go. McHale. You're ready to go, so I'm good to go. It's been a you know, a few days since then, and Just man. You know, I tell you what I just want to say thank you to you and Emily into boots to Yeah, Yeah, he he held down the Ford and it's not easy to prep two hours by yourself. During the week, Mindy. Andi, I'm grateful that Emily and boots help John Air and you know, we have a great community and Facebook. You know, I was kind of laying low there too, because I was tired, and I just I just want to say thank you. For being such an awesome partner and making it all happened while I've been gone way missed you, But of course, that's what we do, and that's what you do for your partners. You know you have each other's back and amen. Every partner needs to have each other's back like this before. Once you're a friend of mine or a co worker. It's always It's the real deal for me, and I will always be there for you. And I know you would be there for me as well. But you had Cove it. I did. You had Cove it and it wasn't really that big of a deal. Wasn't it was mild. You know, I'm grateful that it was mild. Actually, I wrote a blogger last night. I haven't shared this with you where I share my list of what you need. If you get Cove it to make sure your case hopefully stays mild. There's a list of like 10 things I did every day on Michaela hunt dot com Because people want to know this. List They want to know. Okay, What are the signs one of the early signs and what's the list of the stuff you used to get over it, So it was mild. I'm fortunate. I know this is not the case. For many people, we have a fairly healthy family. I'm connected to the health care community here in central Ohio, said those things helped But oh, I always hate when I hear a but You're never. You're never going to believe what happened this week. Do you like teasing me with this before the show when we did a little Facebook live footage? Yeah. So you know, my kids are finally back at school because they were isolated in quarantined because I thought they were online learning until they were able to go fast. So Logan went back this week. Christian goes back next week. Logan, apparently Told his classmates that we still had Cove it that's lovely teacher to, um I'm not sure if you told the teacher I do know, he told the classmates and three classmates. Stayed home from school on Friday, because because Logan had said that in lied I mean, it's alive. We don't have it anymore. Does that work is the teacher or send you an e mail? Do they call you up? And obviously the teacher had to know. Right? Oh, the principle which we love our principal, Mrs Miller, Mrs Kate Miller. She We have a good relationship with Kate. She's actually our neighbors. Well, she She told Marcus and Carline that this was the situation and that she was going to pull Logan and have a conversation with him because kids in high school are getting suspended if they come to school and say That someone in their home has covet and that they're a tsk ool. I mean, like it's serious stuff of the high school level, So yeah, Logan got a nice conversation. From Mrs Miller to say that's just don't talk about it. You your family is well, they're healthy. Just don't talk about it. It's all people need to know and write. But I feel terribly for these three families who felt like they needed to keep their kids home because they think that we're still sick. Feel terribly about it. But that's that's the fear. That's the craziness like the school would not let us come back. Mindy, if we still had covert, they wouldn't have let the kids come back. We had to give them the letter from Franklin County. Public Health had to give them written proof. Correct. We're cleared. We're no longer contagious. We had Cove. It H A. D not H A V E correct. So the the fact that these parents, though, at the same time, wouldn't think that like you believe like your kids, your 10 year olds talking versus the fact that the school wouldn't allow it. That's a little strange to me as well because they're trusting a 10 year old the the words that come out of a 10 year olds. Mouth. You know what that looks like, Trust that, you know, to take the stand. Well, I am not going to send my kid I would think they would at least take it upon themselves to do a little digging and call the teacher called the school. Hey, is this the case instead of just making that Automatic opinion. I'm not sending my kid. Yeah, so so instead, But that's the fear that's associated with this. Well, I'm glad you're back. Fear or nor fear And I know we talked about last weekend. The stigma that is associate it and maybe you listening kind of been going to the same thing. Maybe you had Cove it and going back into the workplace or going back with family and friends. They treat you a little bit differently. We're glad you're back. I laugh because I know guys if you're there well, I'm glad to be back. So it's It's excellent to be here. I know we got a great show shaping up for today. I'm excited about it. You're dealing with the fear of Cove it I literally just came back from Kelly's Island. And I went there. We're gonna talk about this after the break, but just to set you up for what we're going to talk about. My kids are just about next month, he will turn 1918. I can't believe that's coming out of my mouth..

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