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Boyfriend of one of the party guest walked inside and open fire before turning the gun on himself. Colorado Springs police say he had serious injuries and later died at a hospital. The birthday party was for one of the people who was killed and had been attended by Children, none of whom were hurt in the attack. It's the worst mass shooting in Colorado since March, 22nd when a man opened fire in a supermarket and bolder, killing 10, Tanya J. Powers. Fox News Votes expected this week to remove Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney from Republican Party leadership. It'll be a secret ballot. She continues to be publicly critical of former President Trump's claims of election fraud, and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy tells Fox It's a distraction as conference chair. You have one of the most critical jobs of the messenger of going forward. Are we talking about with the Democrats are doing on the border. Are we talking about all the Miss Jobs report that we just had? Congresswoman Cheney has said former President Trump is responsible for the January riot at the capital. So does the Illinois House Republican Adam Kinzinger. Liz Cheney eyes saying exactly what Kevin McCarthy said the day of the insurrection. She's just consistently been saying it in a few weeks later, Kevin McCarthy change to attacking other people. He was on Cbsface, the nation. There's been more fighting today in Jerusalem, with medics reporting more than 300. Palestinians hurt. Israeli police say 21 officers were injured as well. We've seen very fierce clashes around the El Aqsa Mosque, and some Palestinians have been reporting that Israeli police have even enter Damask, which is the third holiest shrine in Islam. This is the third day of intense clashes fueled by a mix of events and provocations on both sides, including the planned eviction of some Arabs from east Jerusalem. Fox's Amy Kellogg in Jerusalem America's listening to Fox News Going. George is here to help you deal in from the access Wi you win, hurting Chevrolet Newsroom and B. J. Williams a security breach at an Alfa Rhetta based fuel distributor. We've heard a little bit about that on Fox News will update that story and others in just a moment. Looks like I 85 North bound might be starting to clear.

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