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Jay, Jay, talking WBZ, NewsRadio ten thirty. We were talking about Queen. Elizabeth the seconds corgis and how. Lots of they had died and they weren't being replaced. It turns out she doesn't have to dogs. These at the time of this article, which was. April eighteen so, of course, things going to change. That's not the point the point is the two dogs. She has named Volkan and. Something else. Anyway, they're dorgis. And they are in fact, a cross between a dachshund corgi. I didn't know such a thing existed. I said I felt the kind of look that way. And it turns out that's a thing. Wow. Okay. Let's talk to Sean and Boston. Hey, sean. Hey, Bradley, how are you? Are you working? Yeah. Well, my break once break down there to south postal annex got it. Good. What do you? What do you have a break? What do you do did? Just had a few little little Mandarin oranges. Oh, okay. That sounds good. Good for you. Well, I break I have a banana. And I'll tell you why are you on a like a kick? No, no. I just tried. You know, try to eat healthy. So what do you what's going on? Well, the new David Bowie lives at the came out a couple three weeks ago, the Glastonbury two thousand no. Oh, yeah. It's really good. It's a to CD DVD things came out in the stores like three weeks ago before Christmas. It's really good. And you bought it and you'll love it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's great. Yeah. My favorite song is stationed station. It's like a twelve minute version, but the first two minutes is like an instrumental thing, and it's like a train. Wow. Gearing up. It's really good. Now. Did you hear that song from the album station to station? Sure, I did. So this is quite true to the original. Okay. See I don't recall that in the original yet. But it's a it's a great live set, you know, and he just talks about how he hadn't played this. And it's like, you know, seventy two or something. And so here is the CD. It is. Green sleeves is the introduction wild is the wind China girl changes stay, which is my favorite one of my favorites. Life on Mars absolute beginners ashes to ashes rebel rebel little wonder, golden years. All the young dudes, the Manasota world station the station. Starman? Hello space boy under pressure. Ziggy stardust heroes. Let's dance. I'm afraid of Americans. And does a DVD which is great. I haven't watched the DVD. Wow. One thing that does. That that Hello space. Boy, I guess that was a song. He did with the pet. Shop boys. Really? They came out. Know that. So I looked it up. Wow. I've never heard that song before I heard that song before he also he he's done it. He's done it a bunch. I actually saw him. Do it live. Yeah. It's great. It's dry like CD to better than CD one. Okay. Fame all the young nudes. That's probably my favorite. So I mean, I know he wrote that further gave it to Mark the Hoopoe, right? Yes. I love that song. That's a great song. And heroes. I love as well. I want I want. I I wanted to charity onto a great rock song banned from Iceland. Okay. The band's name is kailua. Okay. L E. Oh, and the song is no good. And how did you? I can't stop listening to this song. I found out check it out soon as it's great. I mean in the leads the singer guitarist he's I mean, he's a good looking guy. He could be a male model. Halio? Okay, KFI. Yeah. That's good. It's an unbelievable song. I went out and bought the album after I heard that song in the album kind of all over the place. Yeah. So let's get a little background. Unbelievable. Let's get a little background Iceland is landing the front guys named JJ. Julius son S O N. He's. Risen to the ranks of contemporary rock global success and the album was recorded in Nashville. The great video of no good recorded at the record pressing plants. It seems real record pressing plants. And and the thing was produced by a guy named Jack wire king who also produced kings of Leon. Oh, all right. Tell you'll love this song guaranteed. Okay. And you can see them. I don't know if you want. It says a US headlight Nova there, electrifying live performances. Kelly O completely sold out that first US headline tour. And was a standout at Coachella lollapalooza bonnaroo and on and on I'm kicking myself because I was up in Hampton beach. I went up to see Frank Turner at the Hampton beach casino ballroom. Kailua was playing the next week. Kicking myself that I didn't go back up there to see them. So they're pretty popular. They saw their songs have been streamed over eight hundred and twenty million times. Oh, my wife is a couple of their songs in different TV shows. You said I know that song that was in this show. You know? A lot of them. They're kind of like a little mellow some of their songs good. I'm glad you turned me onto them. I'm telling you you like it and also that other band that I mentioned before Greta van sleep. They're going to be on Saturday Night Live this week good the Led Zeppelin band Led Zeppelin. All right. Let's upland junior. Beautiful. Well, thank you very much. John. Right. Weekend. Yeah. Going to go over to of to once have you been to once ballroom? No, great. It's right next to Highland kitchen. I've heard you speak to Highland kitchen before. So is it like a bar or a? It's a it's an old ballroom. But there was the ones wound up on the it's on the second floor, but that's a whole side of glass where you can look down onto those like the ballroom floor. You know, see the stage play on the wins. The glass opens up who's playing the lounge has really, you know. Nice. I got a pool table stuff. They serve food. All right. Hey, sean. Thank you, sir. All right. You take care. Thank you. Sean John's the connection for some of rock he goes to those games. You can see him there. It's busy S. News update. 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