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Morning, everybody. This is the case. Kay Outdoor show. I'm Bob Simms. Thank you for tuning in this morning. It's going to be a hot one. Isn't it? Everywhere I'll tell you one thing I'm almost looking for. I know everybody looks for the Labor Day. Got a three day weekend We can get out and recreation all that that I'm almost I can't wait for it to be over. I'm sorry. So what's happening here? Not only the weather what 110 or something tomorrow, but, uh, you know people that have we've never seen before. In all the areas we wreck created have showed up this year. Obviously, because nobody's flying anyplace everybody's canceling their their vacations where they drive halfway across the country or somewhere else. And all for good reason. But that has really put a load on California outdoor recreation areas. I saw some reports where they felt that many bodies of water in the state may receive their biggest Crowd of water sports enthusiasts in history. I'm assuming there meaning like boats and other watercraft. Ah, Ah, but you know, you just have to be careful of all that and wherever there's water and this heat People want to want to get in it. And now you have to be concerned about the virus. I mean, everybody, Let's go jump in the water, and there's 200 people right next to you. Be careful out there. Use good, common sense. But, um, if you do want to go do a little fishing. There's places you Khun go. There's other places. If you do some of the reservoirs, if you're going to go fishin go early. Because it's going to be a zoo out there that really be a lot of water crowd so that being said, starting off with a new fire. Up on Ah, the Out of Mark Louisville and you go up over Mark revealed back down the highway 3 95. That's going to be closed, Um Keenan Reservoir. Which opened yesterday, which did not open but it was supposed to open two fishing, You know, opens Friday, Saturday and Sunday for September and October. It's all catch and release with the big cutthroats. That opener has been delayed. The monitor pass road. I do believe was closed. As of last night. They gotta fired 15,000 acres right next to him and lake And they're getting water from Heenan late help fight it. So, uh, that's kind of out of the question. There. The other fires Well, you know what's going on there? Um, Still a lot of smoke. A lot of smoke, though, and a lot of people don't even know where the smoke is coming from, however, on the coast of the north Coast We'll hear from Kenny pre shortly, but, um there's no smoke there and their salmon and the lower Klamath River. In fact, before we're done, we're going to talk about not only salmon in the lower clam of But salmon well up the Trinity River well up the Trinity River in numbers, So that's interesting. Then albacore fishing. Out of Eureka and Crescent City Somewhere between 45 60 miles. I think 36 Miles was another figure, and they're getting her albacore out there, and it's a good grade of fish £25. Maybe a £20 average. So that's really good. The same is true for Fort Bragg. And that weather has been good all week. The parking lot. The boat ramp has been overflowed. I mean, when albacore are within range, people are going to go find him. That's all there is to it. And the weather report. I think for today at Fort Bragg might be a little bumpy. But then it's supposed to flatten out tomorrow and then you'll have to check for the rest of the week. So that is happening. We'll also check on the rock fishing at Fort Bragg as well and of course that will get a report in about 30 minutes from the whole Bay Area. What's happened to the salmon here? We know. Finally, we can say fish are moving up the river in pretty good numbers, and you can start with the mouth of the American. We're about a dozen fish were taken yesterday in that general area. That's huge compared to what's been going on, and that's still with warm water. And that usually means there's a bunch of Fischler probably a lot more than it appears on the Feather River. They're having a bit of a dilemma there because the last two days They're up there. They're maybe 50 or 100 fish rolling around you and they won't bite has gotta be maddening. The fishermen out there, But this that's not unusual. The fish move up a dual area who knows all of a sudden they run into a batch of cold water on there. Just happy is act to be here. I don't know, but they're just not that'll change. Maybe today they will go on the bike. And we really saw on Incline Upper River in the Upper river by Corning. Uh, Hamilton City, that area and in between pollution's have some fish come in. Um, So you know, the fish just waited as long as they could. Now they're headin in, but we'll see what Andy Giuliana have to say about the fishing remaining down in the Bay area, and it's still last I checked. It was about one fish for Rob. So that's not too bad either. Let's see, Uh, Mark, leave ill. I think they got a plant of fish. That's going to be incredibly crowded this weekend. Hopefully, Todd said ERA will give us a call on the six o'clock hour Mark Wilson How did kind of that the fish All of a sudden They found some fish on the locators. But they didn't want a bite. Now what's going on out there, But we'll talk to mark about it. We'll get a report from Bodega Bay. You know, there's there's a few salmon there. But up north of Bodega up by sea Ranch. There's a few commercial boats and they're getting a good grade of salmon. Those fish should be heading down the bodega, and they don't take very much time when they get good. That could happen today or tomorrow as well. And then, of course, I'll go through the Bay Area. Get a great report the Trinity River near Junction City, you know, below Junction City, but near Junction C. Which has to be considered the upper half of the river. Of course, Um Matt Mitchell went out and I think they landed seven nice salmon and a hook 14 and you'll hear the interview. He was given the guys or ride back and with a S o. It was fun to catch him on plugs rather than side drifting and you hear the cheers Go up in the background, a bunch of happy guys there. Which would talk to Kyle Wise Head 100 Guide service. He took a break from his coconut fishing for the most part and went to Salt Springs Valley Reservoir. Which is a sweetheart of a lake in the middle of nowhere, really, but he went crop e fishing and got crop E up to £2.5. That's the second crop E. Of that slide you're going to hear about today. The other was from command. But and then Kyle did go out and spend one day a new Malone is and we'll find out the they did get fish up to 19.5 inches, Kokanee. We'll find out just exactly what they had to do to get him and what stage those fish are in The fishing in the city program has good news about planning all the city and some of the county lakes that we've been used to hearing about the boat haven't during the pandemic. Don Paige Anneli will join us to tell us about that. And then Doug will have a pyramid leg guide, Sir. He fishes the Truckee River. He could tell us a little about, um Crowley Lake. He can tell us a little about a bit. About Wild Horse reservoir earlier in the year and maybe what may or may not be happening when, when Ah Pyramid Lake opens this fall, Robbie Dunham had a surprisingly great day on command tree. We'll hear about that. And as I mentioned before the The salmon fishing up river would talk to Kurt Porter career above that, and in the meantime, we'll throw in a little dove hunting results from around Northern California. So All that and more coming up in the next two hours and 45 minutes on the cave became outdoor tro. Thanks for being here. This is not a drill staying connected with thank based news and information, most rigged election in history, you're minutes away from a fresh update to be ready on Sacramento's news 93.1. From unlikely heroes to world changing tragedies and powerful examples of the American spirit. There's a whole side of American history that's been pushed to the shadows..

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