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I hate to break the news to you right here on the podcast in front of everybody yeah but you're one of my closest friends ever and I and I don't want to tell you this because I want to put too much pressure on you forward yeah because I respect you so much I don't want to think that you have to do certain things I love this so much so what's up takes restart first of all thanks starting off operative note your has if you if you had forty eight hours in a day with me your it still wouldn't be enough time that's how that's how I feel I feel that there's a lot of time on the dog were I'm not doing anything interesting but I know but you know what I'm going to take this as a positive and take it as a compliment that you feel better when I'm around even if I'm not contributing anything you just like having me near you look I'm a comfort blanket I'm like that warm blanket next to you on the bed right now Jason would you consider yourself a comedian I would consider myself a comedian yeah would you also consider yourself fire I would consider myself someone who deals with Psychopath Day in and day out who's mood we all manage around here and the conversations that we have when you're not around between every single person if you could hear them and things that are said behind your back you probably would make a huge adjustment to your life or recycled the things you say behind my back I can tell you right now go people say that you look like a fish faulk you're right I'm GonNa make serious adjustments starting tomorrow people don't talk on your back at all they say it right to your face music you guys have US podcast I'm David that's Jason show over there what's up guys how are you I'm on I'm on my bed right now Jason My beanbags on paint the picture jason has his hair slicked back yep we just got off a flight we've been on tour of the country we've been in every state in the last twenty four hours we have been we've been urban allowed places we've been flying David David when he travels he looks very different so people when they walk by him very confused Oh yeah it's so interesting we were we were walking when I travel like I looked like I don't know what do I look like you I look are not worried Okay Grandma that took care of herself her entire life I can look completely blow he wears glasses and you wear sweatpants and like not attractive sweatshirts and like it doesn't fit his head to well my most relaxed outfit but not like when they're cute girl goes hey this is my relaxing like it's like look dishevelled relax like he's GonNa go clean the garage to relax and like people will like you could tell people like okay so what happened today is someone came like religion walked right up to me they weren't talking to me but they saw Jona shirt on Joan shirt it said David's WLAC and they go oh my God David Slog Oh Joan Ah and they were talking to him right next to me right next to me and I don't remember what they said exactly what chimed in and then they looked at me like they really tilted there had yeah and they kind of smirked wait are you David standing here we thought you were the tech yeah I looked like I came out of an asshole when I'm travelling like like like you're through the airport like I I look really bad it's actually really embarrassed I love when the floor or less travel together it was me Natalie Jones and David do you know how much I was drooling sleeping I've never drove this much averages you see me now I was drilling care if you were drooling I don't get grossed out by that I'm really scared about the flight attendants seamy because the flight attendants always are like they're like whatever nice when I get on the flight show when I leave there always lot nicer almost to the point where I think I did something embarrassing in my in my sleep where they ha you have this fear you've brought it up before that you think you're doing this I sat next on two flights today you did do anything you didn't listen to war but extra nice to me like I did something like really like fucking embarrassing like I was drooling in my sleep that's the guy because they're like by have a good day David they're like they're like a lot sweeter when I'm leaving like like looks like a little baby drooling on the seat no this is what I think happens I think someone comes on recognize you and then the flight attendants who's that bubble Blah so then now they don't come up and say anything and then once the flights over they realize that you were someone important and they want take a bite you I think that's what it is I think I'm just passing serious gas drilling alive and that's what's going on I figured out what Jona you fingered I finger Jona uh-huh earlier for one of my videos no you are not going to be on my youtube channel patriotic no I figured out I was looking at because we all look great when we travel like we looked really lousy yeah I mean you know we are the weirdest looking group of people I don't know if it's kind of hard to understand but it's me by assistant Italy and Jonah Armenian dude and Jason Yeah we look like a fucking Audubon g look like figured out if someone were to see us it looks like I'm Joan his Dad Jonas my son from my first marriage who you know the marriage was awful around and was a total shit show and I had Jona and then I had a second marriage the great one that I really like it worked out great and I had you and Natalie is that how it works well for our first marriage is usually shit marriages well if you have a second one the first one the work that is a good point would you ever get remarried get remarried really yeah for sure but so interesting you do you think that you would get a divorce I would definitely get divorced to know I know if I were to get remarried I would definitely not get divorced that'd be the one would you ever have kids with anybody after like really really really really be in love with them and beat a different phase in my life to like maybe like you weren't blogging anymore and I hit the lottery yeah if you the battery if you found someone that like you obsessed about you'd never you'd never film again us being no no no I would never do that I mean I I would I got it I am if I ever like if you say that you say that all the time it's such bullshit you really you say that David will say this thing like every every couple of months I'll be like Tony you guys for meteorite one I'll just dip I'll just do I won't be around now it's true I'll leave the blog if I ever Anneli Portman walks in right now your camera in the fireplace I wouldn't write him throw my cameron the fireplace I would go can headquarters and destroy all of the products because I know I would never ever have to use any camera you ever ah because I'm marrying her I'm moving to Seattle I don't care if it rains every fucking day I'm moving wherever she needs me to go where all everything there's no way there's no way you would be happy with some of the woman's money for some other women that took care of you being a guy that's kept around I'm not saying I live off valley money but I'm just saying what are you saying we could live a humble life we can move to like a nice ranch in in France or something and I it doesn't bother me where we are so we'll give Ferrari to Dima hold on no no but seriously no but I guess I'm being very dramatic I wouldn't give everything up but I would I would I'm like if I'm literally the senior built on shooting videos that's like that's your drug that's your thing that makes you how you know anything but I know how I was when I first started when I first when I first started dating lies like an honeymoon stage or whatever like I'm like I'm still made videos Jaba made great video that was different that's because videos with her yes that's because Liza was the same thing I wasn't she was she's very very very funny very funny very easy to do she's like that kind of person that's the closest to do that but I'm just saying I'm just saying Carla can you so this or do you think that I would continue making videos I think it's still make videos but I think you'd be in the honeymoon stage dip out at like nine I am the type of guy. PM yeah now we're all sometimes we try to leave it like where are you going doing but I feel like now Jason I'm the type of guy like if I got a girlfriend all you will do talk shit about me behind my back he's changed so fucking much it's so annoying that's what's going to happen that's that's who I am I would love free to get a girl friend that like leaves everything like like leaves all his friends behind when he finds out that there's nothing wrong with that either that's like here's a thing he was Nothing wrong with all of us are not we don't have significant others and I pretty sure that's the secret to life is to share your life with somebody yeah right regardless we're very far away from that so you have nothing worry about I'm here to stay are weak and you get rid of your kids for eight years let me die I would love I send my kids to China and you girlfriend.

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