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<Music> <Speech_Music_Male> Over the weekend <Speech_Male> we also learned of <Speech_Music_Male> another outbreak <Speech_Music_Male> in the White House, <Speech_Music_Male> Vice President Pence <Speech_Male> is staff multiple <Speech_Male> members of his <Speech_Male> staff have tested <Speech_Male> positive recent days <Speech_Male> for the coronavirus <Speech_Male> including his <Speech_Music_Male> chief-of-staff <Speech_Male> mark short. <Speech_Male> Now, <Speech_Male> normally, you would expect <Speech_Male> when there is an outbreak <Speech_Male> for that <Speech_Male> office to go <Speech_Male> into lockdown for people <Speech_Male> to Korn Teen <Speech_Male> we saw a <Speech_Male> similar situation <Speech_Male> earlier in the month <Speech_Male> when president trump <Speech_Male> cut the coronavirus <Speech_Male> in multiple members <Speech_Male> of his white. House staff <Speech_Music_Male> also caught the. <Speech_Male> Virus and <Speech_Male> it was sort of a state <Speech_Male> of chaos and everyone <Speech_Male> had to go into quarantine <Speech_Male> and they had to sort of <Speech_Male> do contact tracing. <Speech_Male> It's a very <Speech_Male> different mood. Now <Speech_Male> with Vice <Speech_Male> President Pence continuing <Speech_Male> to travel <Speech_Male> saying that he is an <Speech_Male> essential worker <Speech_Male> and he is not <Speech_Male> going to quarantine <Speech_Male> for fourteen days as <Speech_Male> you would expect from <Speech_Male> someone who has been surrounded <Speech_Male> by people who <Speech_Male> have tested <Speech_Male> positive <SpeakerChange> for the virus <Speech_Male> but mark, how <Speech_Male> is going all <Silence> over the country? <Speech_Male> How is <Speech_Male> that campaigning? <Speech_Male> How is that essential <Speech_Male> work? It's not like he's <Speech_Male> helping to contain <Speech_Male> the virus. In fact, the <Speech_Male> opposite he's holding rallies <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> that could <Speech_Male> be spreading the virus. <Speech_Male> Well, actually, he's <Speech_Male> not just campaigning <Speech_Male> he's working. We <Speech_Male> saw a <Speech_Male> Middle East peace agreement <Speech_Male> with Sudan <Speech_Male> in the Oval Office <Speech_Male> the President <Speech_Male> engaged in and <Speech_Male> for anybody to <Speech_Male> suggest that the president <Speech_Male> has been out campaigning <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> not getting things done. <Speech_Male> All you have <Speech_Male> to do is look at the <Speech_Male> fact that. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's a sign of <Speech_Male> that shift that now <Speech_Male> that the White House <Speech_Male> realizes that they <Speech_Male> don't want to try to control <Speech_Male> the virus, they want <Speech_Male> to learn how to live <Speech_Male> with the virus is president <Speech_Male> trump said on the <Speech_Male> debate stage <SpeakerChange> a few days <Speech_Male> back over soon <Speech_Male> I say we're learning <Speech_Male> to live with it. We have <Speech_Male> no choice. We can't <Speech_Male> lock ourselves <Speech_Male> up in a basement like <Speech_Male> Joe <SpeakerChange> does <Speech_Male> he has the. <Speech_Male> And that includes <Speech_Male> Vice President Pence <Speech_Male> essentially saying <Speech_Male> even though I <Speech_Male> have been exposed to the virus, <Speech_Male> I am not going <Speech_Male> to change my campaign schedule. <Speech_Male> I'm GONNA continue <Speech_Male> traveling around the country <Speech_Male> continue <Speech_Male> holding rallies <Speech_Male> and continuing <Speech_Male> to live as if the virus <Speech_Music_Male> is not <Speech_Male> a pandemic that <Speech_Male> that should be up ending <Speech_Music_Male> American <SpeakerChange> <Music> life. <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Interesting. <Speech_Male> Thing about the <Speech_Male> president's responses <Speech_Male> that he <Speech_Male> has been focused on <Speech_Male> election all <Speech_Male> the way through this pandemic <Speech_Male> is tried to <Speech_Male> downplay the virus <Speech_Male> he's tried to. <Speech_Male> Help <Speech_Male> his political fortunes <Speech_Male> by not having people <Speech_Male> panic over the virus, <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> now it's turning <Speech_Male> out when you look at the polling <Speech_Male> that his <Speech_Male> unwillingness <Speech_Male> to be upfront <Speech_Male> with American people <Speech_Male> to take this. <Speech_Male> Seriously it's he should. <Speech_Male> To <Speech_Male> put forward <Speech_Male> public health <Speech_Male> guidelines to follow <Speech_Male> those guidelines himself. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Has put them in a precarious <Speech_Male> position in <Speech_Male> his own political standing <Speech_Male> in terms of <Speech_Male> how people view him <Speech_Male> and how they view <Speech_Music_Male> how he's has handled <Speech_Male> this crisis. <Speech_Male> It is a <Speech_Male> difficult political <Speech_Male> position at the President <Speech_Male> finds himself in, <Speech_Male> and it is <Speech_Male> sort of a result of his <Speech_Male> own making of taking <Speech_Male> this approach of <Speech_Male> allowing this <Speech_Music_Male> shift <Speech_Music_Male> toward. <Speech_Male> Focusing on <Speech_Male> Therapeutics and vaccines <Speech_Male>

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