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You've I got the league. And you first start plan who's the first person to Bush. I think it was Kobe had that sixty one who. Most of the Christ, man. It was crazy. I always start the game offices. I'm coming off the bench at the time. So he killing I'm looking I'm looking at dantonio looking down kinda like this on. I don't wanna go to gain the day. I last down he called me go. And so when I go in its August core like quick ten twelve points. He had he's slowed down. He's scored by eight women against. How's it going? Good second half third quarter. Saint thanks about another eight points man, fourth quarter. Come. I just go crazy like last three minutes. He just go crazy score late sixteen eighteen straight from like this. This is the mazing still show. Yeah. One play when he'd like it did a double pity on a shot should ever. Dance. Probably the best move ever seen. I remember that day. I was sitting there like this is Craig flakes. Spike was almost side the whole week is crazy. We had the he was purchased. Maybe do we have bronze came in half fifty five and a triple double. Then we had Paul Pierce. Come dirty in a game. When the whole week is crazy all three of them that was that was watching. I got somebody Spike Lee on the sideline argue Coby Coby point that they were doing. The same was all type of it was crazy. Yo yo you tell them with the knuckleheads cube Rigetti miles in the building. We got a special guest today. My brother brother lives my rug, you know, Tom vow from al-mahde from Benny ha ha been hobbled Michigan. We got ill too will send Chandler in the building or pre said you stop it through. All geez. I to more than eight miles. You You know? know? This is killed rich and miles and nothing has we coach push. That's when I knew I was like, I'm the of this fact finder right here. This is a story that people don't call me solve K district background. I did deal with a lot of loose from Nashes crappy come from OG standpoint. But it's always give. So what are you doing here? I thought I was just coming over to watch the game. And you guys got microphones set up in the backyard. Okay. Hennessy celebrates individuals who push beyond their potential by sharing. The extraordinary stories of how they're energized pushes them to never stop never settle. The most recent spotlight highlights world champion cyclists Marshall. Major Taylor's never stopped never settled race against his toughest rival himself. Learn more about him and others on Hennessy dot com and join amazing cocktail with Hennessy very special today. And always remember to drink responsibly talk about like what you from. I got a best friend from Lansing Michigan from Lassie Michigan. But grew up ISE Louis, and we've been best for instance, like fifth grade, and I know like the different parts.

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