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Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay with vent a information and grand a fun here. It's 6 42. And if you want to get in on the conversation, call us today. 109 699352. The Hillsborough deputies we learned here now have Arrested more than 70 people in a month long undercover, prostitution sting. According to Sheriff Shed Chronis. Turkey announced it yesterday. Operation interception. It's called Which ran from December 7th of January, 9th undercovered detectives posted online ads and female detectives posed his prostitutes on the street. Resulting in the arrest of 71 men who agreed to pay for sex. And the men face charges of soliciting another to commit prostitution or entering remaining in a place for prostitution. Um, I'm gonna ask a weird question here. Prostitution on the street. I've been around in areas where you know, in bad areas, I guess you would say, I don't think I've ever in my life. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Seen somebody walking the street thinking that person is selling themselves for sex, but I guess it still happens. I'm just thinking about it out loud. What happens because I would think most of it now is happening on the Internet. Yeah, it's it's happening still on the street and Chronis Ter said the goal of the operations and others like it is to reduce the demand. Or prostitution as a tactic to fight human trafficking, especially in the coming weeks of Super Bowl 55. And officials say they expect an influx flocks of human traffickers into the area. Try to capitalize on the crowds who are here for the game. September 7th what crowds? Well, that's true. There are no crowds grounds. I think it's just something that happens all year long. I guess maybe more than numbers are up and they surge more hookers. But if you don't mind, I'll call them hookers. More hookers come to town to take advantage of the business and number of people that are here. But the sexual exploitation is happening all year round in every city. They say they know from past experience with major sporting events or be some who travel to take advantage. Now they're talking about taking advantage of women and Children. The men arrested arranged in age from 20 to 62. And they named a couple of them won was a firefighter here in Hillsborough County. But I'm just thinking about how would you like to be? A female detective. Having two poses a prostitute on the street. It's dangerous. I know and wait for people to come up and Prada pay you and ask you horrible things. Yes, indeed. There's something I certainly wouldn't want to have to do. I've seen tick talks of They're called Lot lizards. The ladies at truck stops, boy I'm talking about when they like. Go around. They go to different.

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