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The PG county baseball community really lived in here And that's something athletic director Brian Moore is grateful for The team also lost most of their equipment in the fire but in a matter of days they've received gear from local colleges and even some rival teams have pitched in to help out You know the baseball community is unique you know really appreciate them Player jabari Michael says the support is a reflection of how the community views them I'm just so grateful that people actually stepped up and helped us and that just shows me respect other people that people respect you so I'm so grateful to be a part of our family Acacia James WTO P news A man is dead after being shot in district heights prince George's county police say the man was found injured yesterday evening on Walters lane near Pennsylvania avenue He was taken to a hospital where he later died Also a shooting in camp springs left a man dead that happened yesterday evening on Maxwell drive near the Allentown apartments That man died at the scene Flags are flying at half staff in Virginia for a police officer killed in the line of duty Covington officer Caleb ogilvy was shot after responding to what started as a domestic incident at a gas station Monday The 35 year old exchanged fire with a gunman leaving both dead the shooter hit earlier killed someone inside the gas stations store Covington sits near the West Virginia border Coming up after traffic and weather a local news anchor accused of drunk driving is now apologizing It's 8 O 7 Modern businesses stay ahead by being decisive and constantly evolving Slalom consulting helps businesses focus on strategy technology and business transformation Backed by 40 markets across three.

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