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As well late in the holiday season as all the lights in the trees are down. But we'll do that later on this hour. Well, we did not have many shows together Taza myself due to vacation a through the month of December. But the Saturday games, you know, let's start with the game. That was kind of a snooze our first, and I get to the damore intriguing one which was the the Cowboys in the Seahawks game, which went Dallas's way as they marched on. But. L the Houston Texans. And to Shawn Watson got outplayed. And and really got their butts handed to Indianapolis Colts and late Saturday afternoon down in Houston. And that is a disappointing loss for that. Texans. Franchise who started the aero three one nine straight in the regular season Watson got healthier better as the season went along. And I thought I a couple of headlines for me when I come out of that game. As the reason why number one is luck is is just right now, he's playing back in the national. He really is. Draw when that game was being decided in the first half. Luck was brilliant through you know, he had twenty twenty one nothing before at six minutes and forty eight Mark of the second of the second quarter enroll purposes that game was over the colts came out like a team on fire. They took advantage of mental and bad penalties mental mistakes and bad penalties by the Houston. Texans on their opening drive to punch it in seven nothing. So I look at it. The texans. I thought were sloppy the colts were Kris Burley the game was decided early to Shawn Watson even with that game being barging game ties. There were throws for schol Watson make that he just missed. He was downright terrible. And I thought it was a big game player and on Sunday on on Saturday afternoon. He came up quite small play. Sean did not play good awful. And you're right. The the colts. You know, what I saw Matt you know, they win the game. Twenty one seven. Right. So so they set a tone from from the first series and had the ball. Just like we discussed on Friday. And that's exactly what happened is the offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts. They set a tone. They set the table that we're going to push you, Texan de linemen and linebackers off the ball. And what this is all a lot of scrimmage. We're going to own it, and we're going to own it every series, and that's exactly what that old line. Did they they were spectacular as advertise? They kept JJ quiet JJ watt. They kept cloudy, quiet. They kept the Texans. Defense quiet. And and we had a feeling that was going to happen. That's shores. How what happened MAC? Also ran the ball. Great for the colts here close a hundred fifty yards rushing. So he played really well. I mean, so TY Hilton's just been clutches. Heck, I mean, so you know, what you're right. Andrew luck is just really he looked spectacular. I mean, I still can't believe that he's back play into this level at the super high level after the layoff. He had and how long he was out. Very impressive. It is the touch slows the t y Hilton just off the charts and a gift Frank Reich and his staff credit the offensive line, set a tone. No question, it's been a huge issue. It's been a strong point to that team all season. They got Ryan Kelly backed the former Alabama crimson tide star center back at Senator dealt with a neck injury this year, which caused him to miss some games. And the colts are a better football team right now, I thought Bill O'Brien in Romeo. Cornell got out coached. I didn't exactly know what cornell's defense was trying to do where you saw colts colts receivers run free..

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