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In my mind, we have just witnessed probably the greatest Australian open in the past decade. We saw ash bar to become the first Australian woman in over 43 years to win the Australian open. We all know how hard it is to perform your home country. That 43 year drought is a testament to how hard it is for great Aussie women to win there. And as Barty has done it. And she done it. She did it with class. She did without dropping a set. Very dominant. We saw Rafa Nadal. Make history. We all knew that with Novak Djokovic not playing at the Australian open, that it was a great chance for Rafa to break the tide get 21. And then, who knows to spread the lead at the French Open and get 22? We saw Daniel Medvedev, be a two sets to love three two serving 40 love. This will be a match that he remembers for the rest of his life. He was a spoiler, Novak Djokovic, when he was trying to get his 21st. And he was probably a point away from being a spoiler to Rafa and didn't quite get it done. Talk about a guy with a bright future and a guy with his style. He can reproduce this level of play in this type of result over and over again because he doesn't make many errors. He doesn't play very offensive. The style of Tennessee plays makes it easy for him to perform at this level for the next ten years. And I think he will be the next great champion. And probably the FrontRunner amends tenants for the next ten years. What do we think about Nikki Rios and tenacity Kaka kakas? Have we ever seen a dedicated single session ticket and stadium be sold out for a doubles final? I don't think even the Bryan brothers sold out an entire stadium with a single session ticket for any of the doubles finals. Who knows? Maybe this is the start of the Nick curios that we all want to see. One that's a little bit more attached to the win. One that's a little bit more serious when it's time to be serious, flashy when it's time to be flashy and really just the great champion we know he could be. We all know Nick is probably first or second best player on tour. We want to see more of him on TV. And let me tell you, winning a doubles Grand Slam might be small to some. But winning a singles Grand Slam with doubles Grand Slam or a mixed Grand Slam is a big deal no matter which of the three you get. So congratulations to those boys. This week, we've got a special guest. Peter Levin. This is an experience trying to director who's been fighting for years to keep tournaments in America and create new tournaments. He's a longtime TD at the Atlanta open. And the new timer director at the Dallas open..

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