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But he wasn't allowed to stay for longer than five minutes. So he would get in the car drive to the gym get out to half an exercise get back in the car drive home. And it sounds ridiculous to people at first. But what you realize when you look at it a little bit more as he's mastering the art of showing up. He's becoming the type of person who goes to the gym four days a week reading habit. If you don't if you're not the type of person who shows up four days, you can't you have no hope of being the kind of person who, you know, benches three hundred pounds or gets a bunch of results or whatever. Of the habit. Exactly. Right. You like scale it down. So that you just focus on how can I show up? And this is a key insight about building better habits and overcoming press nation, which is that a habit must be established before it can be improved. If it's not the normal for the norm for you to show up. Then you don't have a chance to optimize anything you have to standardize it before you optimize it. And so I think that's what the two minute rule helps you do. It's a small when where and let's say in that example, that you gave about gentlemen comes home, and he changes, his workout clothes and put the sneakers on. All right. You want to run a marathon? That's the big goal. Right. Most people. This is the problem that we see so many people do come round New Year's when you listen to this going to happen. All the time. People are going to sit really am vicious goals. Go as I have been doing myself put implement some very unsustainable way of cheating. It want to go on a grapefruit diet or go on a detox or whatever. And this is stuff that people were never going to do for the long-term. There probably is too difficult or too hard for them to even sustained in the short term for most people. So they do it for day or two. And then they're like forget it. It's not it's not that important to hard. Instead just swap out the soda for water. Let's just do that. Right. Let's just make that change. And then you make that change for three or four days. And you say, okay, I'm doing I'm doing this. Let's make another change Z's. One percent incremental changes that do one and then add another one cycling team, but applaud your individual life. Right. Like, they made one hundred one percent changes all organized around cycling. And if I come home, I could change into my workout clothes, and I put my sneakers on it's so much more. That's the first thing. I do want to get in the door. It's so much more likely that I'm actually going to go for the run. Then if I just say I want to get a run in some point tonight. Oh, yeah. If I turned to my workout closed, the workouts. It's pretty much already disarmed. Get them in cars on that. Let me just get this small wind on the run. We'll take care of itself. But let me just get my sneakers on for. Sure. Awesome. Which is what you will push. You over the edge to do it James book is called atomic habits. There's so many extras in this book beyond more able to cover on this podcast. Really the core of the heart of the book in four parts of every habit. Four step process for creating a new habit enforce their process for breaking bad won. All of these things are really the the major major me all the other stuff that we got are kind of just like the dressing around it. But it was awesome in and of itself. Will we talked about on the podcast today?.

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