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I thought I was going to go up for a dunk. Maybe I can get get it from behind or file in hard But I mean he got rid of apple also quick and I was just stuck in the middle of it and then I left John. Paxton open play against Pakistan will career in one thing I know about packs is I did not think that shot was gonNA miss and credit. You knocked a big shot down in. That was a that was a very painful loss. It's an interesting played bringing up the thanks. Rian that memory. Look this is what happens when he orden's contemporaries. I they just have to talk about what it was like the loose the Michael Jordan. There's no other subject matter. I mean we could talk about Kobe. Nineteen if you wanted much. It's much less fun But you're right so Michael's not really involved in that play at all. He passes it off to Scotty. And Charles because Scottie plays the four or lot down the stretch of the game so Charles's guarding and Charles tries for the steel doesn't get it in and his lunging toward half court and Scotty immediately. Spins and be lines for the RIM drops it off to horace in Dunker spot. And at that point you have no choice. Because Horace Dunk the ball. So you run it horace and I've always said it's the most underrated part of the play. Horace this crazy spinning back away from the WHO pass on the Button. Paxson for the winning shot. And like you don't think of horace grant is a passer you think of a rugged rebounder interior score a little bit mid range jumper great defender. That is a really really good pass. And it's kind of like that. It's everyone remembers the packs shot. But I'll bet you if you pulled like a hundred. Nba Fans. They would think that Michael drew a double team and passed it to Paxon. It's Scottie two-horse an crazy backward. Pass two pack so that you're right you like you. Just don't think that's the way that plays gonNA unfold. No I mean you know like I said I knew coming out. We didn't want to give up three but your instincts is takeover in those moments of the game. But I did. I mean it was a great pass. No question about it in that wasn't in as nature was not it? I hadn't seen him make asses like that most of his career but he sure did at that time so in the documentary when they bring up that Jordan had heard that jerry krause his GM nemesis loved. Dan Marley and was obsessed with Dan. Marley and that was like part of Michael's motivation for trying to win that finals and go at the end Marley. Did you just sort of like? Did you know that or did you text and more? I don't know if you have Dan Marley's number did you did all the old sons sort of start talking like no wonder. This guy had degraded finals of all. Time individually Michael's ninety-three finals. I think the whole story about Michael's motivation is a little bit overrated in the documentary. Be but other than the fact that if it wasn't Dan morally it was something else. If it wasn't Charles Barkley it was Dan. Marley was nanotubes. Kevin Johnson Johnson. Danny it was. You know Oliver Miller. I mean it Paul. Westfall could like pass by him at dinner. I mean all of that stuff is just that's Micalizzi. It's just it doesn't have anything to do with Dan Marley. But I mean Michael probably he just found a way to invent a competitive edge to keep him at that competitive. Edge motivated win. I'll tell you Barkley rewatching ninety-three Barclay. There was just nothing anybody could do with that guy like horace grant is is all defensive level player. He's very good and it's like automatic crisis double team. When Charles gets the ball in the post against horse like to the point that they bring Scott Williams and in crunch time for a little expert like Charles was just on another level that sees it. I don't know if I when Charles was in shape and like really playing. That dude was an absolute monster and that season the Bulls. Couldn't there was nothing you could do with him in the post it was. It was really astonishing. How powerful and athletic he was. I think Charles is one of the most underrated players in the history of our game. I mean playing with Charles in Phoenix. I mean first of all the guy made me laugh. Jin Nuclear Lap. Every single day. It was such a joy to play with him and he was far from perfect but he was so gifted and You know ninety three was that special year wins. Mvp personally I think it had something to do with playing in the Dream Team. Ninety two realizing like I am as good as everyone of these players and he was also in in the best shape. I think that a career at that moment because he played during summer and spent so much time with the top players in the world and so But he was a joy to play with. He was great. I mean his physical tools. Were good as any power for this ever played and just to put a bow on the ninety three finals. I mean I really had forgotten the Frank Johnson jumper. Then you guys get the ball back your still up to ninety eight ninety. Six and Frank Johnson doesn't want to shoot the same. Almost the same shot materializes for him twice on the next possession. He doesn't take kicks to Marley on the Baseline. Marley's wide open badly. Mrs Along to like I just forgotten. I knew about the Paxton shot. Obviously so I knew you guys closed affords me in game seven but I really forgot how close that was to okay. It's game seven in Phoenix. Like anything like it was it was really you guys should have won the game. Frankly I mean you should have won the game now and those open shots came as a result of them taking the ball. Charles Hands is that right. That's yeah get Charles was automatic. Double Team just Charles had to kick it out and we had to make side they were. They were forcing us to just make an open shot. Could make and it's really. I mean you watch these old games. No one is facing to the three point arc like not even guys you think of as shooters like Kevin Johnson is spacing nineteen feet away for these kiguel passes from Charles. It's like the. Why is the line even there? No one is. There's like one guy on the floor that's even bothering with it. It's really crazy. How bad the spacing was yeah. It was different. It was a different time in percentages. Shot was more important than than the factor of the three of the third point. And so I just think that it took a while. Aj wasn't until like I coach k. j. actually that he started shooting freeze and he started making Mellon became a very good three point shooter in the NBA. And then just like just like so. Many guys growing up without the three point line just took time for us to evolve into recognize the importance of that shot by the way at some at some point in the ninety two finals. You make a three and Marv Albert says Danny Aines has moved in to second all time in. Nba Playoff made threes. I'll give you three guesses. Who Do you think was ahead of you in Nineteen ninety-two for all time? Playoff made threes. I don't was a bird. Nope this is according to Marv. Albert have not fact check marv Albert exact to the day rankings of all time is soon. He's right wow I'll give you a headed. Somebody who faced in multiple finals rhymes GonNa say Michael Cooper. That's who it was. Michael Cooper was number one. All Time and playoff made through it makes sense. 'cause the three only came in seventy nine eighty but like Michael Cooper in ninety two is still like number one all time anyway. Speaking of underrated players. I grew Charles's underrated. We just did this. Top seventy four all time players. Espn DOT COM K. G. came twentieth. Now I have the top. How many seventy four seventy four I I. I think you know this. Is this the seventy four season? I don't know why we did. Seventy Four Cagey came twentieth. Now my gut reaction to that was. That's too low. I haven't researched enough to know who I would leave him over. Dirk is right in front of him. Julius Irving is nearby Moses Malone nearby but I do think KGB is closer to like twelfth than he is to twenty fifth. And I fear that he is going to go down as one of the most underrated players of all time because of how he sort of language did Minnesota Prime Cagey was. I mean twenty five ten and five twenty three ten and five defending legitimately defending one to five. You might be cagey has cases the greatest defensive player of all time. I don't know where you would rank him but I think I think the what if of like if you flipped where they got drafted between Dunkin and Garnet. I would love to see how their careers it played out. I mean Tim has. Tim Is better than Garnett. Ranks higher than Garnett but if Garner had gotten drafted to the Spurs. I would love with with their front office in how they drafted afterwards. I just think he might be the all-time victim of NBA circumstance. I mean there was a time when him and Marbury were together. It looked like those guys. GonNa be you. Know a franchise duo for years and years to come when they were young in Minnesota so it fell apart. There when Steph ended up leaving but You Know Cagey was. I mean such a joy to be around I mean. Forget about the numbers at the numbers When he was in Boston he certainly wasn't at his peak and yet he keeps changed our culture singlehandedly. I mean He. He changed the culture because he gave so much confidence. Everybody else so unselfish. It was all about winning And his versatility his ability to guard one through five his ability to score if you needed him to score and his unwillingness or his willingness. I should say to just share the ball all in ray that Rondo have the bonds hands a lot. I mean Cagey was a consummate team player. And I think he's up there when it comes to top defensive players of all time. I think I would have to put your too young to remember watching bill. Russell play but I would say Bill Russell was the best player of all time in Cagey was is in the running for number two. Were you at game. I believe it was in Utah in two thousand nine when he hurt his knee hurt his shin. I don't remember exactly what you're some tendon. But something. He went up for an hour. You and your season kind of went away with his landing. Were you at Digamma did you. And how quickly.

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