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Us he said that's not out of the ordinary text message from daddy hours of seven am and six pm done in are both busy work we only coffers urgent otherwise we can't suffices this morning was no different as soon as to be one of his usual don't get me wrong was but he asked me something this time that left me sippy you don't miss the this is the event of the year in home the blues carso had found another way to celebrate the music and say there's joint if i moved away from town go home for is just as important as thanksgiving or christmas so yes planets come home for this year's i move course yes oh me i can't remember juke joint saturday that i didn't walk around town with no man i carry my camera to capture sites that aren't typically seen in small doubts now such as tourists from the netherlands australia and he holds me up in every corner to speak to ever schmil your face he sees like mr bennett price built to last it's frustrating it can be from an patients i wouldn't trade it for the world being able to carry a conversation with anyone he comes across whether new face or maybe the only trait that i didn't get from though sometimes i wish i did sarcasm my mother and tell you i got a double dose i got wit the work ethic since of responsibility even if he had to drill it into me i got several of the characteristics that make no man who years were passed down to me including the not so great like how skin and skinny legs with thanks a lot dead grownup his hard on me i remember tears pawn tears softball games the boy i thought i was in mobile no man was disappointed in me the whole town but of all the heartaches giving him never many every heartfelt punishment ended with sang few words nobody loves you like your daddy does he's right of course he'll tell us never been wrong but i can tell you with the certainty nobody on earth does means much settlement even when i.

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