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Now, it's the women's bracket coming up selection Monday, that's on the way Baylor uconn, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, the projected one seeds one that's rarely been talked about in women's basketball. Tennessee is a bubble team ESPN analyst, Rebecca Lobo. Tennessee. Does make the cut we rely heavily on Charlie cream anytime. We talk any bracket Ptolemy, but Tennessee had a good strength of schedule. They had some big wins. So they are in Indiana. Also in this top eight UCF and Aubert Tennessee never been the sub two thousand eighteen when making the NCAA tournament standard nineteen now they've made every single women's NCA tournament ever contested going back to nineteen eighty-two. They're looking for thirty eight in a row Charlie cream, by the way is our women's bracket. Tala just Joe Leonardi if you will lasting for you. You say this tournament is more wide open. Never before maybe five or six teams that could win it. Why do you think there's more parody this year than in other years? I think the gap has just closed, you know, we've talked about in the last few years at uconn and everybody else are years ago in Brittany Griner was at Baylor it was Baylor. And everybody else this year. We don't have a team that's undefeated going into the NC double A tournament on the women's side. We normally do this year we have six teams with a legitimate shot. We saw you can't lose a couple of games in the regular season. Baylor loses a game in the regular season. So there's more parody. There's more great players. There's no runaway national player of the year either on the women's side. So there's more parody. There's more really good teams. And I think sixteen that can legitimately vie for that national champion selection. Monday coming up on ESPN Sunday the men's brackets unveiled ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, how the committee do overall pretty good. So I'm probably have fewer complaints this year. The normal part of that is the field. They had to work with so on the selection side, I wasn't bothered by the teams they left out. But when you started looking at the. The net rankings of some of these teams go. Okay. Well, this is our evaluation tool that were were organizing all our information with and you've got a team that's ranked in the third four teams that are ranked in the thirties that don't make the field that have wide one wins. And then you've got teams down in the seventies that make Saint John's was seventy three in the net. Arizona state sixty three Minnesota sixty one Ohio State fifty five all of them made it as at large as and then he got teams like Indiana TCU, Alabama. Clemson NC state, Texas, all in the thirties and forties that don't make it and had just as many if not it had more some of them had more quad one wins. It's clear to me watching basketball and clear to me listening to you all talk about it. There's a line beneath the ones in the Tuesday, they've separated themselves. Do you believe the biggest threat exists outside of that to those to that group? Or is it strictly the group within that group that could trip up anyone in it? Maybe you play well, but don't play your best and somebody else plays out of their mind. That's pretty good. That's always going to happen in the NCAA tournament. I do think there are about sixteen games that are the overwhelming favors to win this thing. So do I and if anybody outside of that wins, it we've had some sort of catastrophe that opens up in a bracket, but I've been wrong before. I don't know if you know this I've been and I had I had a note happen once. But then there was like an ashtray. I'm with you just watching you guys on the show. I think it's awfully chalky there at the end, but the back end so poor. I just don't see how by and large. Those folks don't move on. I'm telling you teams like buffalo Nevada can do a ton of damage in this thing and Wofford is legit. But I mean Wofford's plan at Seton Hall, that's not the seven ten game. Or we're used to say usually those things are flipped. Oh, it's gonna be it's gonna be wild in a different way where things have been flipped some of these brackets. We'll see how wild things get over. The course of the next couple of weeks as you fill out your bracket. Chalk generally gets the nod. But folks, of course, like selecting a team or two. To the swearing the dark jerseys. So how about a double digit see that could make some noise to our college basketball live crew? I don't think there's any of that can make a final four. I do think that there's one that can get to the Sweet Sixteen two teams that are double digit seeds get into the Sweet Sixteen that would be New Mexico state. I think their size. I think they're depth style of play could cause problems for Auburn. But I think it'd be even more problematic for Kansas the other team I think right now is Oregon and Oregon as playing its best basketball season, they're healthy and Peyton Pritchard has complete control over data Altman's offense. Kenny Wootton is one of the best shot blockers. We have in the game, and you look at their potential match because Wisconsin, and then playing a K state team that we're not sure whether or not dean Wade's. But I'll I know I'm looking at him. He's got a boot on selection Sunday boot on selection Sunday. I'm not thinking you're at one hundred percent. What do you think sometimes to make great television analyst has to lay out because he can't participate in this? Conversation because I have none getting to the sweet Sweet Sixteen zero view on Oregon hunting Oregon's path while Wisconsin is a good team. It's not a dominant team. It's not a physically imposing team, and Kansas state is a defensive team where the player that their best player when you talk to Bruce Weber, quite frankly. I'm with you. I mean is it a boot today, I suppose, maybe tomorrow's another day. But I'm with you. I Oregon is the one team here. I'll give you a sleeper sleeper, and I'm going to say, yeah, I think if Yale gets passed LSU, which is big I don't think that's a that's a I don't think it's a bad match it with the Maryland team. That's really young on the perimeter other than Anthony Collins matchups in Dayton Tuesday and Wednesday the tournament gets underway in earnest on Thursday. Sportscenter allnight ESPN radio football quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick agrees to terms on a two year deal with the dolphins. They of course, said Ryan tannehill on Friday to Tennessee. Rory mcilroy. Two hundred seventy wins the Players Championship by one shot over Jim furic. Kyle Busch big day for him in Fontana on Sunday. He picks up. The checkered flag in Bonn tenant. And in doing so ties Richard Petty's NASCAR record with his two hundred career win across the NASCAR series straight ahead, which coach won't be watching the tournament outside his games. That's next. It's ESPN radio. Patino will be playing. Doc washburn. He's conference man. That's a tough tough tough heavyweights. There is a team coming out of the I four that has to play cya. Are you gonna do? Sports prescription.

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