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Radio, brushing your teeth, catching up on the day. Yeah, right. So I feel like I can't have the screen over there and kind of a kind of want to have it in the kitchen because that's a place where there's no, there's no screen that's visible from there. And that will hopefully encourage me to watch stories. We call them daytime, dramas. I understand the work that goes the, no, there's there's a certain amount of dishwashing that could be escalated in terms of frequency there. I will say that there have been times where I've left bad enough. I left dishes in the sink. There are times where I'd have to take the tub out of the sink and put it in the cabinet underneath the sink to make more room in the sink for something that really needed to be cleaned in cleaned right away. Right. I try to. I try to stop before it gets to that stage, but I feel as though to have an entertainment unit of some sort would be very, very helpful there, Saul, I also use it. This is extremely cheesy, but when my husband travels for business, we put it on do, oh, and that's how we like talk, you know, and it's a lot easier. I mean, why don't you just use a laptop flow? Yes, I could use a laptop or you know, but the camera on the Chromebook. Is actually pretty Terry Blais it's not. It is not even like. What's it called? The MAC. It's not even eyesight worthy. So is the potato ham you're saying? Yeah, where exactly whereas the camera on the Novus marches plays actually pretty darn good. And then when I have my cats that are over here, I blind everything. I shut everything off. So it's it's a case of my, my maybe jumping the gun and knowing that I want this that I can use it some place, but not knowing exactly where I think the solution that I'm gonna I'm hitting upon is during the black Friday sale. I'm going when the regular Google homes go down to ninety nine bucks. I'm going to buy another one of those which I can then like basically replace one that replaced the thing in the living room, which is now the smart display with Google home, and then take the smart displaying, put that in the kitchen, and then take the other smart speaker. I've gotten the kitchen for listening to music and put the bathroom, which is the only place where I have an Amazon record, scratch, Richard, scratch, sound effects. Just imagine that's what happened. You. Oh, currently can't have the smartest player be a part of a home group. So if you're hoping to have like home wide music, it doesn't work with a smart display just yet they'll be fine that slow of just gonna be just because I was very disappointed by that and it. It made the configurations of the home in my house. I had to change it around to make sure that every room has music because that's the whole point of the home group. I'll tell you one thing that isn't working in displaying the hell out of me. It is the it is the only Nongo made Google assistant of ice in the house, and apparently the only one that does not support continued conversation yet. So I keep saying I'm saying, okay, Lenovo smart speaker, turn off all the lights. Okay. And turn on the lights in the bedroom. Silence. You didn't say the magic word fine. So I'm waiting that that update is going to be very, very, because it's it's, it's like when everybody in your office speaks English, but one of them things that any form of carbonated sweetened beverages called a coke and you'll remember to, oh, I'm speaking to darla. I have to make sure. I don't say I bought. There's cokes in the fridge. Go on take one if you want because he's gonna ask what kind of Mexican coq au they make orange soda and Mexico. They mice. I don't know real sugar. It's still shis. So. Before we should probably go to commercial, but let last thing the the October ninth, Google vent in New York City, which I cannot go to because it's happening exactly at the same day and time as we record MAC break..

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