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Sport a baseball and that was a fox aides forced director john tell it she was on this morning on our sister station one five seven his own just talking about the indians and then updating the status of tito francona who said was discharged from the cleveland clinic on friday and he's the guy the you know we we hear people debate you know what sport is the coach or the manager may mean the most then he's the guy that really it seems like he's made said going back to his time in boston certainly we've seen a difference that he may has made in cleveland and one of the things you know you're your your her about how much is love not just through baseball buys team on things i was reading a quote from relief pitcher cody oun said when you walk out of his office you feel important and so these guys the jesse he means so much to own and any seems to get the best out of his players and so you know you hope that he's fine going forward and he's able to rejoin the team after the allstar break well thing about terry francona that you have managed or coaches it we call eight players manager or players coach in certain sports terry francona fits that bill would need about terry and he said this on many different occasions is that he trust his players and you know the fans can get ansi during the season or they see somebody struggling are they're not sure where they're going to be your they're not sure what's going on terry francona has always allowed his players to find their footing in a perfect example would be edwin encarnacion adjacent kipniss earlier this year kipniss coming off an injury and he was on the 10day d l to begin the season well he stardom in the seventh spot in the lineup now this is tap to you know typically your leadoff guy so he lets kipniss get in their cease had pitches 'cause he really he didn't have a spring training so he's in the regular season seeing all this stuff and he let's build up his confidence in in the batter's box then before you know what he gets the leadoff spot and starts terne it up now since then kipniss has by battled some injuries vecchi tweaked his hamstring last night so i you're probably not going to see him any time soon hopefully he'll be better by.

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