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What what has submitted such a special place. Well one thing you know back then you most families who a mom and Dad I don't remember to any of kids that grew up with. It came from divorced families so he got a mom and dad in that home and usually the dad was the breadwinner and mom was June cleaver staying at home and that was the traditional family thing so I think that really added to the support. The kids had if you went up to a baseball game. He saw parents on the sidelines. You out or there's a way game. You see Paris trying their kids to the game so the parental support in the in allow the flint community especially the Freeman. School area was tremendous in really I. I mentioned mentor Louis. My Dad was my number one brochure. Now asking if you had any advice for the people of lent somebody will take. What might that be? Well don't lose faith. Don't give up see what you can do to make the community better Don't just complain. If it's a matter of giddy about politically being a volunteer at a school running for a school board position running through the city council be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. I think that's the big thing in stay in Flint Flint. But a lot of friends that we've got the exodus says I know a lot of people support flint in look somebody supporters. None of Limb Flynn anymore but they they love flint grew up in flint and the really Brag About Flint. But they don't live in. Flynn so I guess we need to keep the ones we try to get them to move back trying to this project at least bring Flynn to them for the mid. And maybe they'll get inspired by people like you skip. Marvin I can talk to you for a long time I I met you on. That hard surf missed field out near the Kinley school when you were high school senior and you're trying to teach me. Hardly a fullback. GonNa work get I did I did. I help you know no I. I wish I had a few moves I didn't have the speed stays and then after I on seen what was happening with linear all great players played Nazi mark. Ten of them into Division One. Ncaa Division One football think. They beat our team like nine nothing or something and I realized that made me. Baseball's was more my sport. And so that's kind of ood folded. But I still play golf in. I and I love sports as you do and I wanna say this. I'm be apple. Many people out there who are nothing but the highest the hidden. The vote needs to be of limestone you when I backed all the things that I've done so they're appealing like you were disobeyed rockall that Tom. I admire what you've done. I know you enjoy retirement and keep keep my beloved southbound lacks. I'll try to get it just still downstream in school were used to. I was talking Jeff Nancy other day and he talked about some of those sandlot football games we had and he said that toughen him up to play football in high school baseball and go on to play semi professional ball and Professional. While we had some we had some tremendous players. That would would join up on a Sunday afternoon. Kinley entering and And some of those kids were around playing college and Jeff the other day was reminiscent about Bob. Krause and Famer some say the best athlete to compromise area mentioned this one hell of an athlete. But you know that also ended my career because I injured and I had surgery so Dr Christians and came. I have tell him. The unfortunate news was that I couldn't continue to practice with his team because I had to read of that injuries. So in any event on next time I'll have you interviewed me and I'll tell my story else good to me. Take care skin stay inside. Hopefully you'd give that advice. Everybody's listening please stay at all just a little bit longer and to be that much longer hopefully off for now this is Radio Free Flint your host Arthur Bush guests. Today's give you wish you a very nice day bye..

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