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Like you said Mike that rule does allow for a little bit more of a I'm gonna I'm gonna try I'm gonna I'm gonna think about this site we we may go for it seven Gell band the senior quarterback in the pistol freeze cow with a first and ten of their own twenty they moved from left to right sweep way off to the near side and the running back is still up in the twenty yard line and knocked backwards and forward progress will get him up for no gain know what Alan the junior defensive tackle made the stop on JI wind river's the five ten one hundred eighty five pounds senior running back it'll be second in ten the fifty four to go in the opening quarter we are scoreless this is the first possession for the Indians they wind up with a pistol again two receivers each way second in nine on their own twenty one Dalvin accepts the snap inside hand off of the new year has to the twenty two your line is rivers again he trips up to the twenty four and that'll be about it a gain of three to set up a third down in a long five to place right up the middle if that's not the biggest offense of line John small with this too but they have their very fast so watch for them to try to use a lot of cutting pulling and trying to do some zone blocking in order to create some holes for rivers thirty five east county that on their own twenty five out of the pistol here's the stamp to Gail band and flags are thrown and whistles blow to stop the plate first penalty of the game for either team and it was like thirty five is about to become third in ten smart your family my eyes are brown please Morgan Dickerson tonight Jackson dean who played for John small in two thousand five itself whatever's the offense of coordinator freeze Kelly that he's going to play five wide receivers and the quarterback killed in is a loan in a shot gun in the backfield third antennae scale we they're on their own twenty three receivers to the far side to to the near side Calvin this man can't now accepts then is going to roll to the right under pressure and is wrapped up in thrown down by Jack Layton at the nineteen yard line the junior middle linebacker gets a sack on third and ten and it's a three and out for each cow we've at the start the game simple math Mike you got five guys that are blocking for you you rush six someone's going to get in free good job there from the defense of coordination standpoint it's just me teaching the guys it's early in the season but you know here's what we're gonna do when they when they go spread we're gonna man about the we're going to do.

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