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I think he's more of around nine type guy, so I'm probably not going to get them to rounds later. You're going to be aggressive with guys you know. Maybe it is seven. Maybe even a little bit earlier. Is the number thirty three running back on off the board for US Jake you. Haven't you said twenty nine? We haven't consensus ranked at at thirty one so in the same range and again I think we're all hopeful for Darius. Guide is you know maybe days a little bit more pessimistic after only seeing him play five games over the last two seasons just. To get him on the field Jacobs as he told you. He's a frustrated giants fan. Because of governments, tube is bold. Predictions involved the Washington redskins known to the last one here Terry maclaurin will be a top twenty wide receiver. He was number twenty nine wide receivers based on his stats. Last year in our we have in ranked consensus wise as the number twenty two wide receiver off the board, so we're not far behind Jake. In terms of prediction predictions and has averaged opposition on Fanciful Buckeye quitter is the number twenty six wide receiver off the board so scary Terry. Tell us why you like him. Offer this season his second year. Yeah, and put their perspective to before he pushes back on top twenty top twenty. Well No, because I think it'll be also respective of the other wide receivers that he's going to run for me like I would take him in front of Tyler. Lockett and Calvin Ridley, an AJ green and DJ more even, and it comes down to the fact of you know it's so quickly. The the fans of him haven't forgotten, but it's so quickly. People forgot how he started the season with case keenum through week six last year when he was a top ten wide. Wide Receiver and actually wide receiver, three and fantasy points every game and Wayne. Haskins look Wayne Haskins had a miserable rookie season, but people are making the same mistake. I don't I'm not saying he's Lamar Jackson because he's even close to a runner at the runner period, not even gonNA runner like Lamar Jackson, but they haven't learned the lesson from writing off Lamar Jackson from year one writing-off Jared Goff from your one writing these players off after year one in the talent dwayne. Dwayne Haskins was where two years ago. People were talking about the way enhances the way they were just talking about Joe Borough what he did to the college team and what he did for that offense, and if you look at the last three games when Haskins started playing respectably better, still not great, still not the ceiling I think he has those last three games got him on a pays for those first five with those last three, and I'm not doing not saying extrapolate. Extrapolate those eight games, but just for the purpose of it seventy eight receptions, thirteen, hundred and sixty two yards and fourteen touchdowns. You'RE NOT GONNA. Come close to that. That'd be wide receiver one, but if you just look at yards per reception, and even knock it back to yards per the full to yours, and give him eighty receptions and a full year, he finishes with eleven, hundred yards in public, seventy, eight or seven or eight touchdowns, and that's top twenty, maybe top fifteen. How does he compare for you to some of the veteran guys? You know the ones that we're seeing jacket around to health, and who does get a boost with the return or the additional. Philip rivers a day green. Who you know? Hopefully he's GonNa Play Sixteen Games that. We just don't know how and. Throws the digs in there also. The buffalo like corden better than all three of those I would take over all three well, T Y Hilton I could go back and forth with Taiwan t y Hilton will be roster construction situation, frontier, maclaurin, its hair maclaurin, going to be the mark assistant option I believe T. Y. Hilton kind of Amari Cooper range, but honestly you can probably get both of them because you're getting the discount tire McLaren compared to d. y. Hilton drafts right now. All right He, you want to be a jerk. Is Things Twenty number no. No I like I think he. I think for the most part I agree with everything jake, said except taking. Over Jay more is crazy, town, but independence. Judge don't like Ben Gretchen here so I should do a thing for him, but I think core and. Definitely has an opportunity to be a borderline top twelve wide receiver. If you play sixteen games this year, top fifteen guy, I don't have them right quite that high, but I do expect. To Improve I. Don't think there's anybody there in Washington that should get in the way of twenty five percent target share, and that gives them a chance if if Washington throws the ball a little more than they did last year to really have a true breakout your. Dave you said. I. Think both sides of this question asked so I want to ask it in regards the corn I know we were talking about Julio. Jones and Calvin busy said Julio were gone. And now all the attention goes toward Calvin release. That will worry you a little bit because of white because I don't know if he can beat the double right. That's where you're going with McLaren that's. With them, the the the question would become like he's decided he's going to be getting. The majority of the targets, which says we saw last year was a good thing. But. The attention would be a little bit different for him. And now there's a book on him and go back to the conversation. I had with Mike, McCoy. After Keenan Allen's rookie season, when he surprise a lot of people, and then McCoy very, honestly, which rarely get from a coach, said he's got the target on his back, and he's got a beat the expectations. He didn't necessarily say. beat the double, but he's got to be. And so you come out on that with McLaren, or are you concerned about that or do you like the fact that he's sharing a wide receiver room with Steve, Simms, and Tonio Gandhi, Gibson and You know Kelly Latimer for what it's worth. If he's still there, you know the rest of the guys Calvin Harmon knows not exactly the most attractive receiving core. To be good. Tight ends. How dare you talk down about Jeremy? wrinkle come on, yeah, that's the concern and I don't know if I. IF I've got the the answer for that. I think the answer will probably come down to how often he was double teamed last year because it probably didn't take teams that long to figure out. that. McLaren was the the number one guy in the offense. And I, the offense is also going to change a little bit. It's not going to be the same type of system. It was last year. Are they a lot? Yeah, so? I hope that. maclaurin, yes, it will help for better for McLaren because once Bill Callahan took over it was you know nine, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight NFL, football and Was Great for the run game. Not so great for maclaurin. He was a little up and down. After that, but I do think Washington is going to be in their fair share of games where they're going to have to throw I know they're schedule opens up starting in week six. They've got a bunch of games against the giants and the Cowboys Lions Bengals I i. think after that it gets ugly, so if you drive Maclaurin, I think he just gotTa. Stick with him through the first two thirds of the season, which probably interesting with them all season long. If you don't draft Maclaurin, I, think trading for him just before that schedule lightens up. Up could be really good for your team, and then you'll know by then whether or not. He's getting double team meeting. Double teams is our other guys in Washington. Stepping up to take some pressure away from maclaurin. You'll the book on them so I'd almost I think I'd almost prefer to not draft him I think he's going to be a number two fantasy receiver but I think it's going to be more of like all right I noticed. Potential is I'll take them rather than targeting him on draft and saying. I gotta get Terry maclaurin on my team. And! That's where I'm leaning because to your question that you asked Jimmy. What you're talking about is the fact that I am not saying you guys didn't watch, but you know I was. I'm big on I was bullish on doing haskins. Just as a prospect in general so I was paying attention a lot of those games and I. Think your point about maclaurin actually. Actually came true last year. That downfall was the middle of the season. Downfall was him adjusting to like you, said Jamie, the attention switched quickly after those first five games the first six weeks of the season and to your point, Dave is you start to see that, but also at the end of the year it was the combination of maclaurin learning to work..

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