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Jason's wide almost always says great things and he's a great guy and until he did that piece in your book i didn't appreciate his childhood experiences he's he's very unusual guy and i've known him a little bit for a long time and it's rare that whatever base and says isn't pretty right on is is great in another common friend we have which made me think when you're talking about all the comments because i do my very best it's hard to but to not read the comments on twitter and message boards and everyone else but but our friend barry riddled says you should never read the message boards and the comments because that's where intelligence goes to die so but it's interesting you say that about the reactive meter on the housing piece because it gives pretty good inside onto the sentiment that's a pretty widely held universal belief that housing is is this phenomenal investment the only comment i will make is that is the possibility housing if someone if he keeps them if it's automated and it keeps them from doing something dumber with that money and it's automated way for them to save that they otherwise would spend maybe a good idea absolutely and that's just parallel to for example the dalbar studies that show that people that invest in load funds do better than people that invest in the same firms comparable noload funds why because the people at by the load funds seal prison to imprison by the load and so they don't in and out them people by the no load funds treat them like creating vehicles and the holding period is much shorter and they in and out all the wrong time so even though the no load funds do better than the load funds overall the holders that load funds do better than the holders the no load funds because the people that hold a load funds holding for so much longer and they get the delivery of the bad medicine and they follow the bad medicine bad tasting medicine that's good for them whereas the noload folks just don't hold it down that long and wretched back up and i don't differ.

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