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Hundred headquarters listening you on fifteenth. All of the worst of the weekend was the four clinkers are kicker at Soldier Field. Hit the uprights and everyone wanted to just you know, end it all immediately. They the best of the weekend. I got a best. I got a worst best sandwich the van Maki to stop in the kicking madness and giving them anymore. Crazy, and then worst sandwich that lead on the top. Is that Nagy today saying that he won't even consider bringing in any other tickers? Even though we pay this guy fifteen million to miss kicks. Well, you know, everybody wants to replace their kicker. Thanks for the phone call there. It's not like there's a long line there of kickers waiting to get in. If they were good, they'd be employed. But you know, their teams y'all you gotta change your kicker like who you getting. They're just not out there waiting, but they're waiting. But there's a reason why they're out there waiting. Danny nashville. Hey, dan. What do you have? Hey dp. One forty. My best of the weekend is watching my fighting Irish not I'll say without starting quarterback book and my worst the weekend is driving back to Tennessee. We have a seven hour drive ahead of us. Oh, all right. Payoff is of like a fritzy line there. Ten one forty by the way, who's funnier. Tonight. The giants and the Niners we go. Fritzy? More silence. The Niners giants. Fun time. That's fun little poll question to wrap it up. What did you? Learn today time MAURICE Jones your says the NFL MVP is a quarterback awards. So Todd Gurley will not be getting Mick Lovin, Melissa Ethridge is working on a new chief song with with us. Yeah. The gunslinger with Patrick Mahomes, Seton O'Connor, what did you? Learn new song from Melissa coming up. Yeah. I like the sound of it too. Polling todd. I'm gonna say something nice now because tomorrow might not be good. I'm very proud of you for playing the sunset strip because it takes a lot of stones just cut loose. I appreciate that. Very nice. Yeah. More like, the sunset, drip. Headline tomorrow. I. I had to get it out. What did I learned today? Average didn't get a record deal. She was twenty seven which is old lady to her what we learned brought to you by trigger. The wood pellet grills we've been.

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