President Trump, David Duke, Charlottesville discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Trump's defense of the 'very fine people' at Charlottesville white nationalist march has David Duke gushing, Trump Goes Unscripted During News Conference, Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents


Thank you are less bringing some more of our specialist to assess what's going on or gloria the president can come out and apologize i don't want the ku klux klan support i don't want the support of these neonazis i don't want the support of the white supremacist say he could come out and say that any 'cause they had made a mistake you think he'll do that now i'm in prison lord's we know donald trump never admits that he did anything wrong so he would never even if he made a mistake he said plenty of opportunities to tell them he doesn't want their support but after his statement today he got an adeboye from david duke right who tweeted thank you president trump for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about charlottesville so he gets an adeboye from from david duke and what he did by by saying that these things are equivalent is that he sanitized a neo nazi rally as just another protest a neonazi rally is not just another protest it is something very different and you saw the video that that you have that you have been using the president said i want to get all the facts i got the facts water those facts he got that made him take back the statement that he delivered obviously now under under pressure that he delivered the other day what is it that he knows that we don't know because we're able to look at those pictures the same way he was and those were not as he put it in a thin and legal protesters years ago the richer of what the president said a little while ago generals.

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