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York man is under arrest for driving too fast and too drunk on interstate 95 in Northern Virginia The Stafford county sheriff's office says 46 year old Kareem Brown was driving 118 miles an hour north on 95 and he was switching lanes and cutting off other drivers The deputy turned on his lights but the driver kept going for another four miles before pulling over Investigators say Brown had booze on his breath and open containers in the car He's charged with DUI eluding reckless driving and drinking while driving He's being held without bond Some scary moments aboard a flight headed to D.C. from Los Angeles yesterday It had to be diverted to Kansas City Missouri because of an unruly passenger The man reportedly tried to open the cockpit door and then tried to open an exit door One passenger set a flight attendant ran to the back of the plane grabbed a coffee pot and was seen hitting the man on the head Three passengers helped the flight crew wrestle the guy to the floor and held him there once the plane landed FBI agents sported and removed him After an hour's long delay that plane finally took off again for dulles airport He was known for directing comedies such as ghostbusters Hollywood legend Ivan reitman has died at the age of 75 Born in Czechoslovakia in 1946 Ivan reitman moved to Toronto before striking it big in Hollywood producing the 1978 frat comedy animal House He directed Bill Murray's first starring role in the 1979 summer camp comedy meatballs He reunited with Murray for the 1981 war comedy stripes An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe And they teamed once more for their biggest hit ghostbusters which I asked right men about at the 2016 Mark Twain prize And I remember just yelling.

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