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At the two story Cosmo extended stay motel near. Benton harbor just before, to this morning the, fire had spread to numerous rooms the data thirty say include five children from the same family between two and ten years old and their mother who are thirty say was twenty-six several people were injured and taken to a hospital the sheriff's department says twenty-seven rooms were occupied Pied at the time most have some kind of damage the causes, under investigation Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one point. Nine FM the National Transportation Safety. Board has reviewed the video from the onboard recorders of the duck boat that sank more than a week ago on on on a Missouri lake. Claiming the lives of seventeen people including nine members of an Indiana family funeral services were held yesterday for four members of. The Coleman family a father and three children general. Services will be held today for five other members of the family CBS news transportation correspondent Kris van cleave says the review, of the video may raise new questions about the decision to go out on the water about forty minutes before. The storm hit the crew, was advised to do the water portion. Of the tour I in as passengers were loading the captain is heard making reference to having check the weather radar prior to the trip now. Before the boat entered the water passengers were briefed. On emergency exits and, the location of life Invests when the boat actually got into the water conditions. On the cameras were calm and, the captain allowed four different children to sit in the driver's seat even as the wind picked up and Whitecaps on the water rapidly appeared on those video recordings reviewed by the TSP an American cardinal has resigned, and has been asked by pope Francis to live a life of prayer and penance for now the one, time archbishop of Washington faces. A church trial on allegations of sexual abuse and harassment the eighty eight year old, was removed from. Public ministry back, in June after an investigation I found credible accusations that he founded a teenager over forty years ago while serving as a priest in New. York and his statement he said he was innocent Bs news correspondent Jonathan vaguely Yati some nuns in. The Catholic church are speaking out against sexual abuse by priests and bishops some nuns are. Now finding their voices bullied by the metoo movement and are denouncing sexual abuse by priests and bishops This is a gain public in part because of years of inaction by church leaders even. After major studies on the problem in Africa we reported to the Vatican in the nineteen ninety s the extent of. The abuse of nuns is unclear victims have been reluctant for years to report the abuse because of well founded fears they will be believed Sabina castle Franken CBS news Rome black man has accused former White House press. Secretary Sean Spicer of calling him a racial slur when they were students. At our Rhode, Island prep school Spicer was at a book signing and Middletown yesterday to promote his new book reflecting on his time at the press, podium for the president Cambridge, Massachusetts resident Alex Lombard yelled out. Spicer's name and accused him of calling him the n. word and trying to fight him. When they attended Portsmouth abbey school WBZ news time four thirty five coming up low gasoline prices and traffic and weather Sprints unlimited, plus plan it, has, Hulu, titled premium fifteen, gigabytes mobile hotspot and pull HD shop Shops.

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