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He has business contacts relationships. All of this there so much that can be done, and just Jerry Jones. My you words are not the biggest thing here. It is actions, but his action of saying something or just doing something putting out a statement, anything would be good for the players. It would be good for the cowboys, because guess what that is, if the if the cowboys players. If they do decide to, but what Jerry said and say well. There's nothing you can do about it. Then guess what he will be sitting there in a debate witness with his players and remember he likes to be the owners player the players owner. So that will be completely out the window for the. If, they knew. What do you think you'll do and he doesn't come out beforehand and make statement. What do you think? He is going to be mad as hail, but guess what at the end of the day. There there are that saying that says it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission that will apply. Just perfectly right there because the players aren't gonNA ask for permission they're gonNA. Ask for was actually. They're not even GONNA ask for for getting. It just is what it is. He's going to be asking for forgiveness I. The thing is and I. Don't know Jerry Jones you know. I like Jerry's fine. I don't have any issue with him. But. Being silent when you are known to be guided talks all the time. What it what it looks like and again this may not be the case, but I'm just telling you what it looks like is that? You, you paid these African. American players well. And when you don't come out and say anything you know, come out and stand beside them and take up their caused. It makes it seem like you feel like. Be Happy with this money you get him. Don't worry about getting dignity. Don't worry about what's happening to your people. Don't worry about any of that. Be Happy with what I'm giving you. That's what it comes off like and I don't know that that's his attitude. But. That is what it looks like when they have serious. 'cause theories things that they're concerned about. These players, this is serious, and I, love seeing this attitude from them. In the NBA think of the guys don't even WanNa play because it is so this is serious and you're not. Problem is seriously. And the problem is is that is that you have people like Jason? Whitlock and other people who will, who will tell you that black athletes should just be happy because they're because they're now millionaires that Oh like that they've may the these owners have made more black millionaires than anybody else but the players have also made them billions of dollars. It is a two way to earn that money. Correct error net money. It's not a charity event. The owners are doing it because it is in their best interest to pay these players a lot of money that way they can go out and make money for them like it. Rai that whole idea is lame, it is. I cannot tell you how I mean well. Part of reason to why he probably will never get invited back to the cookout, but another..

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