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Call kale's dot com heating and air studios alabama license number one eleven twenty so the mascot graveyard takes another victim with chief war who chief wahoo cleveland rocks move over colonel rahab here comes she was who else has gone down the street of despair the mascot the mascot graveyard the match i like this word i don't know how we can look at other colonel ribs there purnell rappers shearer colonel rib is gone now colonel rabat's down there probably elena's someone wolf bob on the mascot graveyard you got it got this were i guess the the the fired mascots i guess is what we should say chief wall who now make it his way there she was gone the body it's got a nice long walk to the graveyard you know we we're going to be giving them gifts and stuff dislike of payments baseball players like egypt at a retirement or are we gonna get one predictable based on fair no yeah that's what the they're going to have to i can't believe you get rid of a a symbol that has brought people together under one love that is cleveland baseball off but you turned it into a divisive emblem how about this what about the aga what about aga who remain animal abuse math guy graveyard ago i guess not air immoral i'll go one through nine yeah might the tiger tiger somebody to hang out with probably manned less friend i don't know if it's is the i i guess we could say the guy that played as investor bit the interns interloop boy does mr met he's somewhere there lasat that wasn't an inter somebody who was getting paid sixty thousand a year to do the job i'll mr met no great mascot two o n he's very the us maskhadov's ford's it's just a guy with a baseball head what's funny yeah it was at worries was it was homer was a complete not rip off of mr met co braves come on get together boy now now you got boop her as his name her uh praise whole seasons me abukar this year you're also got a waffle sannomiya was handed me a list let's see stanford university i actually did this and 72 they went from the i words to the cardinals uh can you imagine that meeting hey we're done in the.

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