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Topping Austin's news. We're learning more about a fatal bus crash recently that claimed the life of a bicyclist by the UT campus university of Texas police chief David Carter says their investigation Mindy Taylor. Stafford shows her bus drifted into angled parking lanes were thirty nine year old. Anthony was safely writing Carter says DS was hit and dragged over one hundred ten feet and the crash before. And after. Absolutely. Captured on security cameras as well as internal external new cameras on on the bus Stafford was charged with felony manslaughter. The video will not be released to the public at this time, but police are seeking additional passenger witnesses Eric like um, NewsRadio KLBJ governor Greg Abbott weighs in on the collagen mission scandal, that's rocked campuses across the nation quoting here in Austin. The university of Texas advertise he expects every university to take a good hard look at their admissions policies and add safeguards wherever necessary it's important for every university to go back and reevaluate and to investigate to make sure that nothing like this is happening or can happen. But also says it's appropriate that federal investigators be allowed to continue. Their investigation unfettered. Meantime, UT tennis coach Michael center has since been arrested for his alleged involvement for taking a one hundred thousand dollar bribe to allow student onto the tennis team Leandra school district has opened an investigation. Now, former vista ridge high school counselor Elissa Ellis who's accused of unprofessional conduct. Principal Paul Johnson says Ellis resigned this past Friday, but he can't say what she's accused of doing because it's a personnel matter, and it is an ongoing investigation. We do know the cedar park. Police department is also involved rock. Police continue investigating a major case of neglect and abandonment involving five young children found living in squalid conditions. Crystal Walraven is accused of leaving those kids alone for almost a week while she traveled to South Carolina. The kids ages range from twelve to fifteen months along with face feces and garbage kids also had access to numerous knives. The infant was found lying alone in a crib. South by south west brings innovations from all over the world here to Austin and for those addressing homelessness. They may need it Austin-based mobile lows and fishes only Graham spoke on a homelessness south by south west panel. He says variety of solutions need to be brought to bear. We can't lock.

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