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Disclosures at ninety three f g dot com. And at one fifty three, it's time for traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes, Kevin how we doing nightmare out there. That's for sure downtown that lower deck, slow over the bridge into the tunnel to a left lane crash before government center. You got a little run room, not much if you want to say, so you're on the break soon after. Right. Onto the expressway all the way down the Savon hill, a little running room again, you rented a again, down at east Milton square right down to the Braintree split now. It stays slow on ninety three south all the way up to a left lane crash here at route twenty eight expressway northbound delays at Braintree getting up to neponset, and then again before the O'Neill tunnel now route three southbound you're stop and go union street, most of the way down to that work zone to twenty eight. And then he got about a mile backup to the sag Amore bridge. It stays heavy over the bridge itself on the six eastbound to a right lane crash before exit two and sandwich. Bourne bridge, you're tied up. Up over the bridge, getting into the rotary out to the west mass pike westbound getting busy through Newton corner. And then again through that framingham rest area. This report sponsored by IBM. It takes all of us to promote an equal opportunity work place. That's why I b m business leaders around the world have pledged to take action. Make your pledge today at IBM dot com slash be equal Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. WBZ four day AccuWeather forecast, we check in with meteorologist Dave Samuels zebras pushes inland. Temperatures will be cooler this afternoon. They were this morning, we had a high of seventy.

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