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Around our families or that's the goal anyway to make a lot of money. So that our kids never want for anything. But in the process, we kind of take away their opportunity to overcome some of those struggles or obstacles and most of the successful people that we see or read about their people that have had these obstacles to overcome. But then once they make it it's hard to really simulate that hardship for their kids at the SE. If we look just across the board. We could take people that came from the successful family and an unsuccessful family and children have an equal opportunity to screw their lives up. Yeah. I I look at myself. I mean, my my family did well, but I certainly took every opportunity to to screw my life up at the young age. And and so I don't think you know, whether. You know, whether my family modeled, the perfect life or or the worst life that that would that that really would have made a huge difference on the decisions that I was making. But growing up. I saw my dad hardest worker still to this day that I've ever seen. And so I knew that there was a there was a distinct relationship between hard work and results. And that's something that stay with me for the rest of my life. Very cool. All right. You have sold a couple of life insurance policies something like more than eight thousand of them. So it would be who've me not to ask you a little input on that. What advice could you give to a dad out there who's in the market right now for a life insurance policy, but he doesn't know which one may be right for his family. I think it's it's finding an advisor that you can trust that's gonna be key, you know, products products. But really it's been vice that's given to a surrounding those products in in in a approach that is. Specific to you. And not just, you know, throw out there to everyone, you know, one product maybe perfect for me, maybe terrible for you based on your circumstances. So looking for someone that sits down with you and doesn't just tell you about all the features of a product. And why it's so great. But some of the sits down with the wants to know more about your situation. It gets. No, you get to know your goals and aspirations gets to know your financial situation. And then finds the best product because they have access to all products to to create the best possible outcome..

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