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So again as a writer speaker adventure entrepreneur an educator who refuses to let others tell him what he could and could not do he continually works towards his goals even when others said they were unreasonable air travels and intersections with people from the around the world weren't just a fund robert romp around the planet but they were deep study of people love struggle and ways of current of thinking that can be used to tackle problems in school business in life his most current ambitions are sharing the lessons he's learned through his business and climbing mountains which he says makes every day challenges seen a lot easier so as you can see everyone he's got a ton of experienced a fullfront pull from i am so excited to hear his insights eric welcome thank you so much for being on the show kelly for having me i've heard other guests on your show before and i've learned a lot from them and i'm really happy to be your myself awesome bowl thank you so much and i'm i'm fascinated by your story and so and purposely i just gave those highlights but can you share a little bit of on background in kind of you mention ordinary to extrordinary so would you give us some more insight in perspective on that yolk all kind of start there and i was i was born into a middleclass family in average family up in tacoma washington it was actually parkland which was a small suburb of tacoma and everything was pretty much average ahead of a good life but also awkward a study in didn't do very well in spelling and didn't do great math but i had big dreams and and i always wanted to work towards them even like you said when a lot of people said that it was impossible so uh i kind of got the idea from ilan musk's statement that says i believe it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary and that's kind worry i i drew it from and i i kind of lived through that average life growing up had some big goals i'm going to africa for example.

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