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It's quite a complex experience and many different parts of our brain are involved in that process and when you when you ask that in about patients it's actually even more complex often because the pain is spontaneous nature at just sort of appears and then it is very strong and has maintained over m you know many hours even many days weeks months but we can still use imaging to try to understand and sort of really break that complexity down some looking hit the daytona undies kapita it is really exciting to see the state of the first time and it's any by breaking down the complexity of pain we think we can start to see the differences in the brains of patients with diabetes who have pain and who don't have pain and undies pointing at to me one particular area of interest there is a key region of the brain some which we know is the pig are the pera conduct oh gray it literally has the power to other turn pain information up as it's come arising from spent awkward or even turn it down so so we wanted to understand how that region is possibly kind of conducting the pain here in a little bit his re driving the pain and making it worse in these people have more pain so if we zoom into that region and then we ask the question how is this region of the pg either enhancing its connection so it's communication with other regions the rain or possibly even reducing its connection to other regions and we see what's quite cool is that the png has enhance connection in these chronic pain patients with a course set of regions that we know to be involved in this cancer and the all this bit of the bradstock into it seems looking at one f i'm looking at it they get right the mall correlate that is with how much pain there in at rest yeah exactly to the exactly what we might predicts so much is which is quite need on the ice at saint but it's great because we seemed to be unraveling maybe a heart of a in a one of the mechanisms that might explain why these people are impact on you know in what looks like the same amount of damage exactly to the next step was.

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