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In march for people that don't realize this was the killing his gm from two thousand to all the weapons october 2012 before gentleman took over from your perspective i mean what really get lost in translation from jerry richardson has to know what dave gentleman's up to he's not making these this he's not selfautonomous he's not doing all these things than j richardson's finding about it in vacuum jerry richardson is very involved and he is you know approving these decisions are being made so really the question is and a lot of people are trying to pinpoint exactly what happened for him to completely go full one eighty own ghetto men and i mean a lot of people in the charlotte area and some people i've talked to have said thomas davis in greg olsen are basically i mean they're ambassadors for the panthers in the city i mean they go out they do all this stuff deal is charitable acts in the city richardson treats thomas davis like his own son and there was an interesting thing that uh mike tolbert tubs tolbert put out on instagram actually and was like he had a picture of trade turner another guy's looking for new contract greg olsen thomas davis and he said uh the quote that he put was determined not deteriorated and there was a lot of hoopla made about a ghetto men apparently was saying that thomas davis was deteriorated as a player and doesn't have the same value and richardson didn't take to kindly to uh to his guy thomas davis being talk to you like that and that's what led to the the gettleman firing so just all that behind the scenes sausages seems like over the past two years ever since the super bowl there's been a lot of drama behind the scenes in carolina now seems to be cleared up at this point.

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