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W I, b. C HD one Indianapolis at seven o'clock, They're searching again this morning. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News at the site of the condo tower collapsed after a pause for safety concerns. But at the same time we're proceeding with planning for the likely demolition of the building while the search and rescue continues. Miami Dade, Florida Mayor Daniela Living cover 18 People are dead. 145 remained missing. President Biden met with some of the relatives and Surfside the whole nation. Born in with these families, they see it every day on television. They're going through hell. Tropical Storm Elsa got a bit stronger this morning. It could affect Florida next week affecting that search in Surfside U. S troops are departing. What's been a key base Since we went to war in Afghanistan after 9, 11 and withdrawal. It'll be finished by September. Foxes, Simon, no one has more live. David, senior U S official tells Fox News. American forces have left Bagram Airfield base that for years was the heart of US military power in Afghanistan. It's the clearest indication yet the U. S forces are close to completing their withdrawal months ahead of President Biden. September deadline. The president says it's time to bring the nearly 20 year mission to close but they've been warnings. Afghanistan faces chaos with Taliban militants intensifying attacks Dave Simon, the Supreme Court upset Democrats with his final two rulings, upholding Arizona voting laws and striking down a California law that required nonprofit organizations to reveal the names of major donors. Senate Democrats they are not holding back, including majority leader Chuck Schumer, who writes if you believe in open and fair democracy and the principle of one person one vote today is one of the darkest days and all of the Supreme Court's history foxes Marc MEREDITH, a former police officer, who is white, will plead guilty today to voluntary manslaughter three years after he shot a man from behind during a chase. In Nashville. Andrew Del Key is also resigned as a cop. His plea avoids the first three murder trial. America's listening to Fox News Mikey three Wi PC Mobile News on the level on the go. He's trying to turn skeptics into believers, mostly sunny sky and it's 57 degrees in the Circle City. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 702. What causes people to be hesitant about getting a coronavirus vaccine. Well, Kurt Darling reports on a Hoosier doctor who says it's a genuine miss. Trust of the health care system, specifically the system by which those vaccines are approved. Dr. Jerome Adams, the former surgeon general, told the House committee on Thursday that the timeline for approving Covid shots has been perplexing to Americans. It took five months to go from phase three trials to EU A. It's taken already longer than that to go from EU, a Two full licensure of these vaccines in the American public wants to know why, he says. That process needs to be shored up, and vaccines also need to get full approval soon. Kirk Darling 93 w Y BC Mobile News A as emergency use authorization, and Adams was also Indiana's health commissioner from 2014 to 2017 more than 7500 Hoosiers got fully vaccinated on Thursday, According to the Indiana Department of Health. More than 2.8 million people in Indiana in total, are fully vaccinated with another. 2.8 million, having received their first dose of a two dose vaccine, part of a new Indiana law requiring teachers to renew requests every year for automatic paycheck. Deduction of union dues has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge, the judge says, requiring teachers to opt in for union dues every four years, steps on their rights to free speech. State lawmakers approved the law as a way to make it easier for teachers to not join the union. 3 11 a gallon is the statewide average forget Asked today, says Gasbuddy. It's 308 in Indianapolis and other surrounding areas. Manufacturing companies in Indiana are staring at a problem. They can't find qualified workers to hire the CEO of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, Brian Burton says they need to find people who will eventually replace the manufacturers who are set to retire. Baby boomers are retiring in this country at about 10,000 Day. We have about 40% of our workforce. It's going to be retiring within the next 10 years. It's very difficult. We don't have the population to replace them, Burton tells Inside Indiana business. A large majority of manufacturing companies can increase production if they could just find the workers and with the Fourth of July, coming up Shyla cable and reports on how to keep your pets safe during this noisy holiday, the Fourth of July may be fun for some of us, but for in the animal care services. It's one of their busiest holidays of the year. Physically around Fourth of July, we see a spike and you know straight animals being brought to the shelter, and we're trying to have owner Be more prepared this year, so we don't see that spike in numbers. Roxy Randall with indie animal care, she says. They don't want to see her pet wind up in the shelter, so never leave your pet completely unattended, especially if you know they're prone to being frightened, she says. You should also make sure your pet is wearing a collar and tag with updated information Shylock about in 93 wi BC Mobile news and I'm John Herrick on the level on the go and on wi VC dot com. It's 705 with traffic.

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