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Heads cocked gentle dot com That's head stock dental dot com. News radio K L B J I'm John Cooley. This news service of Apple Leasing. Freshman Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace of South Carolina joins with the story with Martha MacCallum to discuss why she was against the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The left has basically weaponized impeachment by rushing it by not allowing to have due process. There was no investigation open, no hearing and on the House floor, and we debated it for a few hours in one afternoon, another Central American migrant Caravan is heading north, possibly to the Texas border. It is estimated to be 15,000 people, strong, experts say there are both push and pull factors that are drawing them North. This includes poverty and violence in Honduras, made worse by the covert pandemic and two major hurricanes. But the Joe Biden White House and the promises of immigration reform are also bringing the immigrants in and made her eyes. The officials say. Classes will be held 100% online starting tomorrow through the beginning of next month through students of Presidential Meadows Elementary and Maynor Senior high School. Gail BJ radar weather watches 74 degrees low 57 Get Austin News on demand it news radio k o b. J com Taking a look at our roadways. We do have slow traffic conditions on 35 both directions through downtown and in round rock and 35 South down from staff. Me tol just passed from 13 27. Over on 1 83 North found in Cypress Creek. We've gotta wreck there that is causing a backup. We also have reported collisions. East 71 East founded Kellum Road and Riverside. It Wickersham and then a stalled vehicle. Parmer at Spectrum Drive. Melinda Brandt, with Austin's on time traffic. This segment brought Daisy here for Kangaroo where every kind of roof starts with something in common a process from first call to final inspection topped off by a happy call to make sure you're 100% satisfied. That's why you can rely on kangaroo.

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