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A pair of tickets to catch a brand new show with cirque du soleil it is called volta and it's being held of all places underneath the big top at the metal lanes racing in entertainment complex it's basically in the area where the race track is where they run the horses they set up a tenth and they do this cirque du soleil show inside almost like a circus sikanda environment there the brand new show is called volta than any time it's say involves cirque du soleil you know it's always a pretty cool to watch but i've got your chance to win a pair of tickets the catch cirque du soleil his volta it's on friday april six at the meadowlands complex in east rutherford a your chance to win is coming up a little later this morning so already something in common with bill murphy's inauguration with our prize today phone number 7325459282 8885459282 will governor christie spending his last full day in office and i'm very surprised that it in say well today's a federal holiday so i'm going to stay home i actually went to the office and got a bunch of work done yesterday on his final day very quietly on friday i in fact there wasn't even announced until after nine o'clock on friday night another round of of gubernatorial pardons by governor christie and nobre talk and several dozen pardons mostly drug and weapons of fences of people that received the pardons but i don't know why you know why can't be done at ten o'clock in the morning or something while because than you would know about it so uh there was a laundry list of pardons at had happened on friday so the governor took the weekend often them back to work on yesterday to address some last minute things uh some uh whether it's going to be vetos weather's gonna sign and laws are there were a lot of things said that happened yesterday for example are one of the ones that showed the governor signed into law yesterday was a bill that outlawed the sale or possession of something called a bump stock now before the las vegas massacre not long ago when there was that horrific shooting at happen at that jason all dean concert in this was outside in las vegas or some one day modified a weapon uh.

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